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Zurich Street Parade 2024, on August 10th. Party concert program

Zurich Street Parade

WHERE: Zurich, Switzerland
WHEN: 10 August 2024

It was back in 1992 when a certain Marek Krynski, a simple mathematics student, applied to obtain authorization for a march in his city.
The idea was to create a large street parade inspired by the highest values and principles such as love, peace, freedom, generosity, tolerance.

No one (perhaps not even Krynski himself) could have imagined that this idea would give birth to one of the most important House and Techno street festivals in the world!
That’s right.

Because in terms of attendance, the Zurich Street Parade has truly enviable numbers, with a following of almost one million people. A veritable flood of people who invade the streets of Zurich in the course of a single day.
A colorful carousel with an incredible joyful and festive atmosphere.

First class organization and great artists and DJs on the international scene contribute to increasing the success of this event.

Today, the Zurich street parade is almost universally considered the most incredible street party you will ever witness.
An event to participate in at least once in your life.

Zurich Street Parade




The Zurich Street Parade takes place along the streets of the city, along a route of approximately 2500 meters from Seefeld, to the port of Enge.
The route, as per tradition, winds along Bellevue Square, the long lake, the “Quaibrucke” bridge and the Burkiplatz. Arrival is expected around 10pm.


Defining the Street Parade as a simple House and Techno street festival is truly an understatement.
Not only because the musical genres are truly countless.

The “love-mobiles” have become the true symbol of the Festival. These are a sort of disco trucks, which proceed at walking pace along the route, and broadcast music with mega-sound systems.
A crowd of proselytes follows these colorful maxi-discos in motion, dancing and partying.

Stages street Parade are the 8 stages mounted in the areas touched by the route. The best international DJs perform here, ready to make you dance until late in the evening. On each stage a specific genre is played, in order to satisfy the tastes of all guests.
But the party isn’t limited to just here. In fact, parties and celebrations are organized throughout the evening in the best clubs in the city.

The music will continue along the entire route of the Street Parade, also in the 2024 edition, until midnight.


The festival, as per tradition, takes place on the Saturday of August, this year on the 10th.
The march starts around 1pm from the Seefeld district. Arrival is expected around 10pm at the port of Enge.
The music, obviously, doesn’t stop at 10pm but continues until late with the best DJs performing on the 8 stages.

Taking part in the Zurich Street Parade is completely FREE and, in line with the principles and spirit of the creator, there is no entrance fee.


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