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Nowa Muzyka Festival 2023, 08-11 July. Best Eastern Europe

Nowa Muzyka Festival

WHERE: Katowice, Poland
WHEN: from 08 to 11 June 2023

An event that perfectly combines the most modern and futuristic sounds with the historical heritage of Upper Silesia.
The first festival in the world, which made its visitors dance and go wild in an old coal mine.
A relatively young audience, in constant and continuous growth.
It is with these premises that the new edition of the Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival in Katowice is about to kick off.

It was 2006 when some friends, linked to the musical group “Hypnoza” decided to organize a musical review. The evening was attended by DJ Krush, Swayzak and Cristian Vogel who made the audience dance and entertain at the “Wieczorek” coal mine, near the deceased Wilson tree.

From that moment, from a niche event, the Nowa Muzyka Festival has taken on its current form. Four days of music and entertainment. Electronic music, in all its variants, is the protagonist of the review. During the Festival, however, you will not fail to listen to jazz, alternative and rock.

A festival to follow. Despite its young age, the event, in fact, won the European Festival Awards for 3 years, in the “Best Small Festival” section. An award that, in fact, contributed to its success even outside of Poland. The Guardian, on the other hand, has indicated it as one of the ten festivals to which one should participate at least once in one’s life!

Tauron nowa muzyka festival fot marta ferens

Photo, 2009 Umkatowice



By plane and train you can easily reach your destination. The international airport of Katowice Pyrzowice is connected with several European cities. Low Cost companies operate mainly. A bus connects the airport with the city center quite frequently. The journey takes approximately 50 minutes. The ticket can be purchased directly on board the vehicle, at a cost of 20PLN (about 5 euros).

Alternatively, you can land at Krakow airport, located less than 70 km from the center of Katowice. The latter can be easily reached by bus, in about an hour.

The Central Railway Station of Katowice, on the other hand, is well connected with various Polish and European cities. From here, numerous medium and long-distance trains depart, mainly managed by Polskie Koleje Państwowe.

For those arriving by car, a large FREE parking area is available.


The program of this edition perfectly reflects the character of the Nowa Muzyka Festival. In fact, there will be numerous international artists from over 10 different countries. It officially starts Thursday 08 at NOSPR with the Irish artist Max Cooper that will unleash with its techno music. Here is the official lineup of the Katowice Nowa Muzyka Festival:

  • Thursday 08:Max Cooper.
  • Friday 09: Answer Code Request, Baash, Bartek Vasi, Biig Pig, Billy Woods, Clark, Earth Trax, Fisz Emade Soudsystem, Helena Hauf, Kerala Dust, MMM, Oneohtrix Point Never, Orbital, Pantha du Prince, PVA, Skóryrsyn, T’ien Lai, William Basinski, YANN.
  • Saturday 10: 1988, Acid Pauli, Aldona Relax, Animistic Beliefs, Avtomat, Best Boy Electric, Blazer Król, EABS meets Jaubi, Hudson Mohawke, Jazzing, Joe Beving, Komfortrauschen, Pupper DJ, Romare, Röyksopp live, Scalpel live band, Sudan Archive, Talaboman, Tangerine Dream, Themsel In Distress, Theon Cross, Zima Stulkecia.
  • Sunday 11: Courtesy.

Katowice Nowa Muzyka Festival

Photo ©, Karolina


Only children aged 18 and over can participate in the Nowa Muzyka Festival. Upon entry, a valid identification document will be requested.

There are different types of tickets, which vary only according to the duration. Tickets are sold in different stages, at increasing prices. By purchasing them in advance, you can be sure of the best price.

The ticket for the single day, to be chosen between Friday and Saturday, costs 259pln per person. The ticket to access Thursday, on the other hand, costs 139pln per person. On Sunday, as usual, admission will be FREE.

There are also convenient PASSES, to attend two or more days of the event, and can also include camping. The PASS valid for two days (Friday and Saturday only) costs 409pln. The 3-day pass (from Friday to Sunday) costs 499pln.


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