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Four Days Nijmegen 2024, the largest march in the world, in July

Four Days Nijmegen 2024

WHERE: Nijmegen, Netherlands
WHEN: from 16th to 19th July 2024

Four days Nijmegen is the largest non-competitive walk in the world, taking place for 104 years during the third week of July.

An internationally renowned event attended by over 45,000 people from over 70 different countries every year.
An event in which children, teenagers, adults and the elderly can participate. Four different generations!

The goal is to obtain the coveted Cross of the 4Days march. We march over the course of four days, starting and ending in Nijmegen, along a four-leaf clover path with the center.

Born in 1909 with the aim of keeping soldiers in perfect shape, the Four Days Nijmegen has become a real festival of sport, culture and tradition.
The celebrations, in fact, are not limited to just the days of the march, starting as early as the Saturday before the start, until Friday.
A whole week that literally distorts the rhythms of this beautiful Dutch town.

Four Days Nijmegen

Photo ©, havang (nl)



The march takes place from Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th July.
Location is the beautiful town of Nijmegen, Holland, on the Waal River and its beautiful wooded surroundings.


Anyone can participate. The minimum age is 11 years.
The routes are divided by age, sex, and between civilian and military.
The routes, to be tackled in the 4 days, are 30, 40 or 50 kilometers long.
At the end, no ranking is drawn up. The goal of the participants will be to obtain the coveted medal. To get it, you must complete the path within the established time (between 9 and 14 hours).

On the 4daagse official website, you can register by following the appropriate link.


From Saturday 13th July, the center of Nijmegen dresses up with shows and entertainment. Everyone is invited to the party.
This is the waiting period for Vierdaagsefesten, an outdoor art and music event totally FREE.

Among the most anticipated events there is certainly the Flag Parade.
It takes place on the afternoon of Sunday 14th July, and, as usual, marks the official start of the Four Days Nijmegen.
About 1,500 people parade through the city to De Wedren. Soldiers, women, civil groups from different cities and countries march accompanied by music, in a festive atmosphere.

*all information contained herein, including timetables and prices, is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered official. All names and trademarks herein belong to their respective owners.

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