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Nochevieja en Berchules 2024. The New Year's Eve in Andalucia

Nochevieja en Berchules 2024

WHERE: Berchules, Spain
WHEN: 03 August 2024

If for your misfortune, this year, you had lost the New Year’s celebrations, do not despair: until August you are still in time to celebrate the new year!

No. I’m not going crazy. In fact, there is a small Spanish village where we celebrate the arrival of the new year … in August. The event in question is the Nochevieja en Berchules.

No scientific calculation at the base. No alternative calendar. In 1994, the country remained without electricity on New Year’s Eve and the citizens could not hear the traditional twelve tolling of the bell; so, they decided to postpone the festivities in August, with a Christmas atmosphere and the Magi. The initiative had an enthusiastic response, well beyond expectations.

Thus, from that day, every first Saturday of August, the New Year celebrations are repeated. Moreover, it is known that the Spaniards love to party all year round. Imagine if they had any qualms about repeating some of them. At the Nochevieja en Berchules, you will be in the company of over 10000 guests. You can have fun, party, and taste the typical local desserts.

Nochevieja en Berchules New Year's Eve in Andalucia

Obviously, there will be wine and anise to accompany your evenings. Given the proximity to the splendid Malaga, if you were to find yourself in these parts, do not scorn a trip to Berchules. You will not regret it. In addition to this incredible party, you will discover a truly beautiful country; a beautiful village, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Then, celebrating the New Year, in summer, it really has a completely different flavor!



Granada and Malaga are two excellent bases for exploring the country, and the Nochevieja en Berchules. You can use the international airport of Malaga-costa del Sol, or, the small port of call Granada Garcia Lorca.

To discover the enchanting beauty of the whole region, the car is the preferred vehicle. You can rent one, directly at the airport. Through this link, you can compare the prices applied by the various rental agencies. In this way, you can rent the car at the best possible price.

Who, however, wanted to use only public transport. Keep in mind the many difficulties to reach Berchules. We will have to get to Albunol; from here, in an hour by bus, you reach the resort.


Given the rather limited accommodation offer, it could be quite difficult to find rooms in the city. Above all on the occasion of the anniversary. You may find good deals in the neighboring districts of Trevelez, Busquistar or Yegen, less than 8 km away. Through this link, you can search for the best offers for the facilities available in the area.

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