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Heels Race 2024 in Madrid, July 4th. Curious events worldwide

Heels Race 2024

WHERE: Madrid, Spain
WHEN: 04 July 2024

Every year Pride Festivals invade the streets and squares of the main cities and capitals of the world. Between incredible, colourful, and wild events and parties it will be difficult to get bored.

A special mention, however, was deserved by the organizers of the Madrid Pride Festival who were able to invent, at the time, a truly unique event: the High Heels Race.

An event that is somewhere between the curious, the playful and the eccentric which has achieved enormous success, so much so that it has now been imitated all over the world.
The runners will compete wearing shoes with heels of at least 6 cm! Not an undertaking for everyone, considering that you have to finish the race in heels.

The competition takes place during the week of Madrid’s Pride festival. You are free to choose whether to participate or take part as a simple spectator. In any case, fun is guaranteed.

High Heels Race in Madrid

Photo ©, Barcex



The venue of the event is naturally the Chueca, the true nerve center of World Pride Madrid.
The Madrid district is to all intents and purposes the epicenter of gay life in Madrid. It is famous for hosting some of the most renowned gay clubs in the capital.

The High Heels Race takes place from Calle Pelayo, an ancient street a few minutes from Chueca.
The start is set for around 6pm. Anyone wishing to attend as a simple spectator must arrive at least an hour in advance.


The Race takes place in different phases which include 3 qualifying rounds and a final race.
There will be prizes for all finalists and, of course, for the winner. Among these, discounts, coupons, dinners and much more.


The only requirement to participate in the competition is to wear heels at least 6 cm high!
Many participants wear particularly flashy or eccentric clothes, but it is an exclusively subjective choice.

You can also participate at the last minute, just before the qualifying matches. There are also two stations set up for make-up and accessories.

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