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Zurich. How to arrive by car, bus, train. Info, connections, distances


A thousand faces and a great soul!

Zurich is a city that captivates you. Little at a time. One of those places that would make anyone want to put down their roots.

An ideal destination where you can find everything you need. A place where everything works perfectly. Despite the fairly circumscribed historic center, there are so many places and things to see in the city.

Art, nature, culture, traditions. A city where nothing really is missing. Museums and important works of art. Really beautiful views. A placid river on which the city seems to settle. A rather lively nightlife, with clubs and bars scattered around every corner.

But Zurich is also synonymous with efficiency and an extraordinary quality of life. The means of transport are fast, precise and punctual. The bike is the best way to visit it thanks to its “green” impact. All this makes the Swiss capital one of the cities where you live best. It is no coincidence that the well-known Mercer magazine ranks Zurich among the most liveable cities in the world!

If a weekend or a holiday weren’t enough for you…. try to take root. You will not be disappointed at all.




The international airport is the most important in the country, and one of the largest in all of Europe. There are numerous direct connections with the Great Capitals and the most important destinations of the Old Continent.

The plane, therefore, is the quickest and most comfortable way to reach the capital of Switzerland.

As soon as you land, following the appropriate directions, you will reach the railway station, located on the lower level of the airport. With a 3-ZONE ticket, at a cost of 6,80CHF, you can reach the center in just over 10 minutes.


Zürich Hauptbahnhof, is one of the most important railway arteries in Switzerland from which many national and international tremo pass through.

The railway station has two underground tracks (1 and 2) and 16 surface tracks (3 to 18). Thanks to the numerous trains EuroNight, Intercity Express ICE, Eurocity, TGV, connections with the main destinations on the border and major capitals are guaranteed.

Switzerland, with its numerous Intercities and ICEs, Germany and Austria, are well and frequently connected with the capital. In less than 5 hours, via Basel, you can also reach Paris Gare de Lyon, by TGV.


A road trip is ideal for setting out to discover the country, rather than for arriving. Anyone wishing to reach Zurich by car, keep in mind that it is mandatory to purchase the appropriate badge, or vignette, to cross Swiss roads. More info are available at this link.

Swiss roads are quite efficient. Geneva, located on the border, is approximately 300 kilometers away via Bern. From the Italian Milan, you have to travel as many to get to your destination. Once you have passed Geneva, and or, once you have crossed the border with France, in less than two hours you can reach Lyon.

From the German Stuttgart, you have to travel 220 kilometers to get to the capital of Switzerland. Innsbruck, Austria, is approximately 280 kilometers away.


Flixbus is much more than a simple alternative to reach Zurich. Thanks to Flixbus, you can travel on modern, efficient and extremely comfortable buses, taking advantage of extremely advantageous fares. By booking a little in advance, you can also find offers and promotions, with tickets, in some cases, for only €5.00.

Flixbus guarantees direct connections with the main European destinations: Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland itself.

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