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Norsk Kornolfestival 2023, Craft beer festival in Norway, October

Norsk Kornolfestival

WHERE: Hornindal, Norway
WHEN: 06 and 07 October 2023

When the spectacular Norwegian landscapes meet the excellent local beer, it is time for the Norsk Kornolfestival, one of the October events not to be missed.
A festival that has rightly earned the compliments of the New York Times.

Password: tradition.
The protagonists are the craft beers that you can enjoy exclusively during the Festival. Many of these, in fact, are not marketed, and are produced according to ancient recipes, handed down from generation to generation. From father to son.

Not to be missed, above all, the beer made with kveik, a local yeast that gives the drinks a fruity aroma. They are produced at fermentation temperatures higher than those of normal beers.

In addition to tastings, you can attend interesting workshops, and listen to local producers. In the large hall set up inside the headquarters of the Norsk Kornolfestival, you will see a live demonstration of local beer production.
If you want to discover Norway, October is a good time. While you’re at it, try taking a trip to this beer festival: you won’t regret it.

Norsk Kornolfestival



By plane, you land at the international airport of Alesund, about 120 km away. From here, with the official bus, you can reach your destination. Outward journey, Friday 06 at 4.30pm. Return, Sunday 08, at 4pm. The ticket for the bus is purchased on the official website at a cost of about 250NOK per person.

Flesland airport, larger than the previous one, and better connected with Europe, is over 300km away. You can continue the journey by car, renting your car directly at the airport.


Tastings of craft beers and gastronomic products await you at the event, which you can enjoy at the various stands.

The festival takes place at the following times:

  • Friday 06, from 17:00 to midnight.
  • Saturday 07, from 12:00 to 23:00.

Thursday 06 October, from early afternoon, there will be a preview with numerous events and activities.

Among the events not to be missed, on Friday there will be the Kornølbrygging with Stig Seljeset (you have to buy the Brewing Pass). Thursday 05th, from 12:00 to 17:00, you can join a beautiful boat trip on the fjords from the port of Alesund.


Tickets are available for the single day, passes and packages including accommodation and transportation. In the latter case, given the limited availability, it is advisable to buy well in advance.

The single day ticket, Friday, costs 400NOK (Fredagspass). Saturday, 600NOK (Lørdagspass). Saturday, entry after 6pm, 250NOK (Lørdagsveld).

The Weekend Pass (Helgepass) to attend the two days of the event costs 800NOK per person and includes a tasting glass and two samples of beer. By purchasing the Bryggepass, however, you are guaranteed full access to all events and demonstrations, including Friday’s Kornølbrygging. It costs 1600 NOK.
Currently, at the exchange rate, 100 NOK is equivalent to about €8.50


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