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Graspop Festival 2024, 20 - 24 June in Belgium. Best metal events

Graspop 2024

WHERE: Dessel, Belgium
WHEN: from 20 to 23 June 2024

Reference point of heavy metal and hard rock, the Graspop Meeting Metal (GMM) offers a rich music program, since 1996.
Particularly loved by spectators, it has come to welcome more than 160,000 visitors in its latest edition.
Many international stars who walked the stage. Above all, the Iron Maiden, protagonists of 8 editions and, by now, at home in these parts … so much so as to guarantee their presence also for this year.

The Graspop takes place in June, in Dessel, a small Belgian town in the province of Antwerp.
Excellent lineup, and almost perfect organization, were the fundamental reasons that made the festival successful.

Four dates, for 4 different musical paths, divided into as many areas. The two Main Stages welcome the most important international stars. At the Marquee tent, death metal, trash and black metal bands perform. Metal dome, gathers bands in a more intimate atmosphere. Finally, Jupiler Stage is a small area dedicated to metalcore and hardcore music.

A festival for all tastes. An extraordinary musical event to listen to your favorite artists. One of the most important hard rock events of the musical summer 2024, ready to celebrate the 27th anniversary this year!

Graspop Metal Festival

Photo, Thibault Trillet



For international visitors, the plane is the best solution to reach the small town of Dessel and the Festivalpark Stenehei, home of the Festival. On 19 and 20 June 2 to 3 daily connections with the Shuttle Bus are guaranteed from the 3 main Dutch international airports. The return will be exclusively on June 24th. Here is the detail with times and ticket prices:

  • From Eindhoven Airport to the festivalpark, on 19/06, at 1.30pm, 5.30pm and 9.00pm. On 20/06, at 12.30pm and 5.00pm. From Festivalkpark to Eindhoven Airport, on 24/06, at 02:00, 06:00, 10:00 and 13:00. The journey time is approximately 60′ and the ticket costs €20.
  • From Charleroi Airport to the festivalpark, on 19/06, at 1pm and 8pm. On 06/20, at 12:00. From Festivalkpark to Charleroi Airport, on 24/06, at 02:00, 07:00 and 11:00. The journey time is approximately 180′ and the ticket costs €30.
  • From Brussels Airport to the festivalpark, on 19/06, at 2.30pm and 9.30pm. On 06/20, at 1.30pm. From Festivalkpark to Brussels Airport, on 24/06, at 02:00, 07:00, and 11:00. The journey time is approximately 90′ and the ticket costs €25.

From Belgium, from 20 June a Shuttle leaves from Geraardsbergen and reaches the festival venue passing through the main destinations of the country, including Brussels, Leuven, Liège. The ticket costs €31 per person for a return trip.


The 2024 edition includes leading names from the Hard Rock and Metal scene from around the world. Above all, the legendary Tool, illustrious guests of the first evening.. Here are the headliners and co-headliners of Graspop Meeting Metal 2024:

  • Thursday 20. Tool. Alice Cooper. Megadeth. Heart. Baby Metal. Polyphia.
  • Friday 21. Five Finger Death Punch. Judas Priest. Turnstile. Electric Callboy. Avantasia. Pendulum. Bruce Dickinson. Biohazard. Fear Factory.
  • Saturday 22. Bring Me The Horizon. Avenged Sevenfold. Limp Bizkit. Architects. Mr Bungle. While She Sleeps. Ice Nine Kills. Kamelot.
  • Sunday 23. Scorpions. Machine Head. Deep purple. Corey Taylor. Body Count. Rival Sons. Extreme.


The ticket to attend a single day of Graspop 2024 costs 125€vper person. Includes access to the festival for the selected day, free parking, entrance to Boneyard campsite and free access to the shuttle to/from Mol station.
The ticket in the VIP version for a single day costs 225€ per person. It offers access to exclusive areas, including a. Free privileged parking. Limited availability.

The Combi Festival Ticket costs €309 and offers access for the duration of the festival. Includes the benefits of a single day ticket. The subscription is also available in the VIP TICKET COMBI version at the price of €509.

Tickets are non-refundable. Always buy them through the official channels.

Please note that inside, drinks, products and items are paid for in tokens, which can be purchased at the entrance. You can choose between two different packages: the €60 one for 20 tokens, and the €120 one for 40 tokens and an official GMM 2024 gadget.


Throughout the day, and the weekend, the Graspop never sleeps. Almost.
In case of hunger or thirst attack, you can take a trip to the Food Truck. If you want to meet your favorite band, perhaps for an autograph, be sure to go to the Signing Session.
And, again, a fair and a market to buy items including vinyls, and a real boulevard… metal


Boneyard is the campsite in the immediate vicinity of the arena, where you can pitch your tent. Or, rent one directly on the spot.
Alternatively, you can opt for Skullotel and Metal Town, a few chumoletri walk from the festival. The latter are solutions whose availability runs out in a short time.

*all information, times and prices are for informational purposes only and are not to be considered official. The names and brands used here belong to their respective owners


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