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Feria de Malaga 2023. What to do and see from 12 to 19 August

Feria de Malaga

WHERE: Malaga, Spain
WHEN: from 12 to 19 August 2023

Any day, and time of year, in Malaga is always good to do … fiesta. Today more than ever.

Feria de Malaga, like the Semana Santa, is the most felt and most important event of the Andalusian city. The ceremony originates from the distant 1491, when it was established to celebrate the entry of the city into the territories of the Crown of Castile.

It is the most important and well known summer party of the Costa del Sol, also known as Gran Fiesta del Verano, that is, Great Summer Festival. It is characterized by a very rich program of events and activities throughout the week. Concerts, exhibitions, games for the little ones, bullfights, flamenco and much more!

Malaga is truly a wonderful city. Visiting it during this period, does nothing but reinforce this statement. During the Feria de Malaga, the whole city is literally pervaded by a joyful and festive atmosphere. Day and night. Obviously, expect to find a lot of people.

Gran Fiesta de Verano Malaga

Photo ©, Beatriz90



The plane is the most convenient solution to reach the Spanish city. The international airport of Malaga-Costa del Sol, located just 8 kilometers from the center, is one of the busiest of the whole Iberian Peninsula. There are many direct connections to the main European destinations. From the airport, by bus or by train, the city center can be reached in a short time.

Moving around the city by public transport is really easy. The network is really convenient and efficient. Furthermore, during the Feria Malaga, an additional rubber service is established, with numerous bus lines operating until late evening. The Ferial enclosure, home to numerous evening events, is located near the Palazzo Fiere e Congressi of the city.


During the morning, and early afternoon (Feria de Día) you can enjoy excellent tapas, tasting excellent local wine accompanied by music in the city center. In the evening, with the Feria De Noche, in Fairground, located in the Cortijo de Torres, you’ll see live performances, fantastic flamenco shows and attractions until late at night, almost all of them FREE, freeing you up among the numerous booths in the area. On the stands, and especially in the numerous bars, clubs and cafes open until late at night, you will find a wide selection of local foods and delicacies. And above all, the inevitable Cartojal, symbol of the Feria de Malaga; it is a fruity, fresh white wine, served in small colored glasses.

On Sunday 13 August 2022, the fireworks on the Malagueta beach mark the official start of the festival, in which we witness the Pregon de la Feria; in the evening, it is the mayor of Malaga who symbolically turns on the lights of the party, starting the Feria Malaga. On Monday 14th, there is the expected Pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Victory, patron saint of the city. Among other things, riders and splendid carriages parade.
Do not miss it, le ferias de Verdiales and the Festival Internacional del Folclore:rhythms, music and dances from all over the world come together to become one. For fans of the genre, the inevitable shows and bullfights a Plaza de Toros.

Feria de Malaga de Verano

Photo ©, Itelchan

The Casetas, in the Recinto Ferial after sunset, are all open to the public and are perfectly accessible. Many shows, local gastronomy and … flamenco until late at night are waiting for you. For the little ones, however, fun assured with the rides is the love Ferris wheel.


The historical center and, in particular, the district of Malagueta are the most fascinating and suggestive solutions to immerse yourself in 360 degrees in the Feria Malaga. However, since it is an extremely popular month, it is quite unlikely to be able to find accommodation at reasonable prices. Through this link, you can search for facilities in the center at the best price.

We recommend finding accommodations near the bus stops. In this way, you can do it, mind moving with the efficient public transport of Malaga.

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