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Getting around Zurich by metro, tram, public transport. Timetables

Getting around Zurich

Transport is rightly considered the flagship of the Swiss capital. Thanks to the extraordinary efficiency, cleanliness, safety and modernity, getting around Zurich by public transport is really simple and intuitive.

The public transport network includes buses, trams, S-Bahns, funiculars and even boats, all managed in a single integrated system, managed by ZVV. Thanks to this, a single ticket can be used on any medium.


Getting around Zurich by tram

Since 1882, the year of its opening, the tram system has been one of the landmarks of city transport. Even today, the tram is the ideal solution for getting around Zurich and the neighboring municipalities.

There are 15 active lines within the city (ZONE 110), identified by a progressive number from 2 to 17 (the number 16 is missing). Many trams are characterized by a low floor, ideal for use by the handicapped and people in wheelchairs. Lines 6, 10 and 12 (the latter with terminus at the airport) all have this characteristic.

Generally, the trams run from Monday to Friday from 04:30 to 23:00, approximately. Frequencies, at peak times, are around 7 minutes. On weekends, the lines run until around midnight. On Sundays, it runs every 15′.


There are 66 ordinary road lines that operate within ZONE 110. In addition to these are the numerous lines that allow you to reach the neighboring municipalities and cantons. The bus is, like the tram, one of the favorite means of getting around Zurich. The vehicles are modern, efficient and extremely punctual.

Daytime buses operate from early morning until about 11.00pm. They are identified only by a number. At night, however, the Nachtbuses operate, which operate after midnight. In the city, 12 night lines are active, which allow you getting around Zurich in complete tranquility. A letter N, followed by a number, identifies night buses.


The suburban S-Bahn railway consists of numerous lines, ideal for getting around Zurich and its surroundings extremely quickly

Most of the lines converge at Zurich HBF, the central railway station. Thanks to the S-Bahn you can quickly reach the airport and Winterthur. The lines that operate within the City are 8, identified by the letter S preceding the number.

SN is the Nacht S-Bahn, that is, the suburban railway in service during the night. The night route includes the main stops at Stadelhofen, Bellevue, Central and Zurich HBF. Like buses and trams, the S-Bahn is also part of the single tariff system.


Traveling by boat is an evocative way to discover truly beautiful views and views of the city. It is certainly not an alternative to getting around Zurich. From the river, you can see Zurich in a different light. ZGC is the acronym that identifies transport by boat.

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