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Notting Hill Carnival 2024, 25 and 26 August, London. What to see

Notting Hill Carnival

WHERE: London, England
WHEN: 25 and 26 August 2024

One of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of the most famous and elegant districts. Uncasable lights and colors. Dances, fashion shows and fantastic choreography. And lots of music. Here are the ingredients that make the Notting Hill Carnival, one of the highlights of the London summer program.

The party was born in the distant 1965, on the initiative of the Caribbean community in London, to protest against racism, and the lack of working and accommodation conditions. To these serious conditions, it was decided to respond by organizing a colorful, fun and wild event. Today, the Notting Hill Carnival can be considered second only to the unapproachable Rio de Janeiro. It is no coincidence that every year attracts over two million visitors.

The event takes place over two days, on the occasion of Bank Holiday, a party that falls on the last Monday of August.

Notting Hill Carnival 2014_(1)

Photo ©, David Sedlecky

Expect so much rhythm, smiles, color and … so much warmth at the Notting Hill Carnival. Impossible not to get involved and drag. And this is the very essence of the event. An invitation to be protagonists, and not mere spectators. Maybe, masquerading as everyone does in these parts. Or, even, going up to dance dancing wagons in the streets of the city! Two crazy days of dj music, afterparties, floats, parades and stands with gastronomic specialties await you.

Obviously, Afro-Caribbean culture will be the true protagonist of the event. Beautiful dancers and dancers will enliven the streets of the neighborhood with their dancing and dancing choirs. On foot, or on board the wagons, they will take you through the streets of Notting Hill, to the rhythm of Calypso, Samba, Reggae, Drum and Bass … Genres that have always played a fundamental role in the culture of the population. You will learn to admire the calypso, a very ancient song dating back to the period of slavery in sugar plantations in Trinidad.



London can be easily reached by direct flight, from virtually anywhere in the world.

The Notting Hill district is easily accessible by public transport. Using the convenient and fast metro, just get off at the stop Notting Hill Gate. Alternatively, you can get off at Holland Park or Ladbroke Grove stations.

There are capillary connections throughout the neighborhood also with buses, a solution particularly appreciated by children.

London Notting Hill Carnival Parade

Photo ©, Angel Ganev


The event takes place from Sunday 25 to Monday 26 August.

On Saturday evening a percussion competition anticipates the party. On Sundays the most beautiful costume is voted and space is given to children. On Monday, the highlight is the parade.

The real thing is the unmissable gem of the event Sound System. These are static stations, where music is played; they are positioned around the central area of the Carnival, and offer the ideal environment for DJs, styles and music, ranging from Latin jazz, reggae, house, hip hop to the famous Samba. You want so many, located around the different streets of the neighborhood.

Food and rivers of beer will be protagonists during the Canival. You can try, and appreciate, the many gastronomic specialties proposed, accompanying them to a lot of beer. Be careful, however, not to raise your elbow too much!


London, notoriously, is a very expensive city. Especially in case you want to find accommodation in the center. All tips and advice from this link.
Of course, finding a structure in the middle of notting Hill, while raging the party, is probably worth the economic sacrifice. Booking with a little ‘in advance, you could also find some good opportunities. The best offers for sleeping at notting Hill, are available at this link.


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