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Fly with TAP Portugal. Practical info, luggale, rules, lag, animals

Fly with Tap Portugal

TAP is the Portuguese airline carrier, part of the Star Alliance, the largest global airline alliance in the world. With Hub in Lisbon, the carrier currently flies to over 40 destinations, located in 25 countries between Africa, North America and Latin America. It is the undisputed leader in the connections with Brazil.
Here you are, a lot of useful information to fly with Tap Portugal.



Each passenger can carry a hand luggage of maximum size of 55x40x25 cm, including handles and wheels. The maximum weight allowed is 8kg. It is also possible to transport a personal item (bag, computer case or 1 shoulder bag) of the maximum size of 40x30x15 cm.

By purchasing a ticket to EXECUTIVE RATE, you can bring an additional hand bag of 55x40x25 cm free of charge with a weight not exceeding 8kg.

Make sure that the dimensions and weight do not exceed the limits. Otherwise, the baggage will be checked in and you will be asked to pay the relevant cost by credit card.

Fly with TAP Portugal


Each traveler, with a ticket, can carry a bag of total dimensions (Height + depth + width, including pockets, wheels and handles) of 158cm in the hold. The maximum weight allowed is 23 kg. Only Business Class passengers can carry baggage up to 32kg.
From July 2017, the transport of a hold baggage is free, and included in the ticket. Whoever wants, can add more luggage, booking the EXTRA BAGGAGE. By purchasing the online service on the official website, you will receive discounts from 15 to € 35 depending on the route.


Along with hand baggage, if you choose to fly with Tap Portugal, you can transport sports equipment in the hold. All equipment must be properly packaged. The bikes, for example, must be inserted into the case with the pedals removed and the handlebar positioned in parallel.
You can bring golf clubs, bicycles (with certain requirements), skis and boots, snowboards …

The sports equipment ARE CONSIDERED hold baggage. They must not exceed the maximum size allowed, and may not exceed 32kg.
If you do not have any hold baggage, you can send it for free. Otherwise, the rates for EXTRA BAGGAGE will be applied for each piece of equipment.


Do you have dogs or cats and would you like to take them with you? No problem for those who choose to fly with Tap Portugal. The carrier, in fact, allows the transport of their friends to 4 paws on board, or in the hold. Although with due limitations and precautions.
It is essential to bring documents and health certificates of the animal, which will be verified by the check-in staff. It is also necessary to reserve the 24 place hours before departure. Furthermore, transport is subject to the space available on the aircraft.

Can travel in the cabin, only dogs and cats of maximum weight of 8kg including the carrier. The latter must not exceed 40x33x17 cm. The carrier, or bag, must be well ventilated, closed, and must contain the animal entirely. The price is € 35 for flights in Portugal; 70 € in Europe and Morocco; 150 € on intercontinental flights.

Animals weighing no more than 45kg (including the carrier), can travel with Tap Portugal in the hold, in special containers, well ventilated. If the weight exceeds the 42 kg, without exceeding the 90 (including the carrier), the animal can still be embarked; in this case, prices have almost doubled. In the hold, the base price varies from a minimum of € 70 to a maximum of € 200 depending on the flight.


Before accessing the security checks, we recommend storing the Liquids, Aerosols, Gel (LAG) in containers with a capacity not exceeding 100 ml or equivalent. These containers must be inserted in transparent and resealable plastic bags, with a capacity not exceeding one liter. The bag must be completely closed and the dimensions must not exceed 20 × 20 cm.

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