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Iceland Airwaves Festival 2022, 02 - 05 November in Reykjavik. Info, guide

Iceland Airwaves Festival

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WHERE: Reykjavík, Iceland.
WHEN: 02 – 05 November 2022

Are you looking for a unique event in an equally evocative context? One of the coolest and most fashionable annual festivals in the entire music scene? (based on the statement by David Fricke, of the Rolling Stones). Then, Iceland Airwaves Festival is what’s right for you.

In the beautiful surroundings of Iceland, you can attend 4 days of shows. Besides 120 artists from 25 Countries, they will perform in the wonderful Reykjavík, proposing music ranging from electronics to alternative / rock / pop. As usual, emerging and promising artists will alternate with real stars, Icelanders and internationals.

This year, it’s the XXI edition. The first historic concert, in the 1999, went down in history due to its incredible location: the hangar at Reykjavík airport! The 2019 edition, as for last year, will mark a return to the origins, presenting performances in any type of place; from small bars and bookstores to large theaters and concert halls.

Iceland Airwaves Festival is organized and produced by Iceland Music Export, and is sponsored by Icelandair, historical company, founder of the festival.

The event is also an opportunity to start discovering the Icelandic capital; a city of sure charm, which will conquer you. You can decide to visit a museum, or enjoy a fantastic skyline from the top of Hallgrimskirkja; you can go shopping in the beautiful streets of the historic center or go as far as Blue Lagoon.

Iceland Airwaves Festival



The best, quickest and cheapest way to get to Reykjavik is without a doubt the plane. The Keflaví International Airport, after all, it is well connected to the main cities and European capitals.

Flybus, Airport Express, public buses, taxis and cars are the solutions to reach the Icelandic capital. In the city, it removes us quietly on foot and with the public service.



The latest edition of the Iceland Airwaves Festival took place from 06 to 09 October 2019, in different locations in the city. The lineup included Whitney, Mac Demarco, Helgi, Boy Azooga, Alexandra Streliski, The Garris, SONS, Free Love, Pavvla, and many more. Over 120 artists from 25 different countries performed.

The full subscription to attend all the shows, costs, 19900Kr, equal to about 145€ per person. The ticket allows access to all the shows, both during the day and in the evening. As per tradition, the coupons will be sold in different steps, with a limited edition and increasing prices. Let’s start with the SUPER EARLY BIRD 2019. If you are fast and lucky, you can secure your tickets at 9900kr!

By adding additional 12000kr to the ticket price, you can secure the version PLUS. The latter includes many advantages, including priority access, gifts and an exclusive bracelet, the chance to meet the artists up close, and more


The apartments and the Guesthouse are the most practical solutions with the best quality/price ratio; as well, l is more popular among tourists. Town House, Reykjavik Rainbow, Fálkinn or Oddinn are really excellent solutions. Anyone wishing to opt for the classic hotel, with City Park is almost safe. From this link, the complete list of facilities in the city.

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The City



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