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Augustibluus 2023. The most important music festival in Estonia


WHERE: Haapsalu, Estonia
WHEN: from 04 to 06 August 2023

XXIX birthday for one of the most important music festivals in Eastern Europe.
Housed in the beautiful Estonian town of Haapsalu, Augustibluus has carved out a leading role on the international scene.
So much so that it is considered the reference blues event, for “fine palates”.

The relaxing atmosphere, the suggestive locations scattered throughout the city, and, of course, the good music, are the recipe for the success of the festival.

Three days of rhythm and music, with 30 concerts and 8 stages set up in as many locations. But it will also be the streets of Haapsalu, and the various outdoor cafes, to be invaded by Augustibluus. To complete the program, many activities, workshops and workshops.

The Haapsalu blues festival is undoubtedly the right occasion to enjoy a holiday in the wonderful Estonian town.




Haapsalu is located about 100 km southwest of the capital, easily accessible by car and bus. The bus station is located in the center, near the Railway Museum.
Once you reach the city, you can easily move on foot between the various points of interest and the locations of the Festival, including museums and the splendid Castle Park.

Furthermore, for the entire duration of the Augustibluus Festival, an expansion of the public transport of the local company MK Autobuss AS is planned.
At the end of the last concert, around 01:00, there will be a night ride to Tallin, at a cost of €10.00. Tickets can be purchased directly on board the bus.


Tommy Castro Augustibluus 2023

Photo ©, Bengt Nyman

As per tradition, numerous international artists from Europe and, of course, from the United States, home of the Blues, will take part in the festival. Among the most awaited guests there will be Tommy Castro & The Painkillers with their irresistible and gritty contemporary blues-rock. At least according to Billboard.

Here are the protagonists of the XXIX edition of the festival:

  • FRIDAY 04: Tommy Castro & The Painkillers (USA). The Goosebumps Bros. (ITA). Compromise Blue 35 / Emil Rutiku 60 (EST). Krissy Matthews (UK). Doktu Rhute Muuzic & Highway (USA/FIN). Ornament Tribuut (EST). Toomas Lunge & Crosswood (EST).
  • SATURDAY 05: Chris Grey & The BlueSpand (DEN). Mihkel Raud goes ZZ (EST). Saverio Maccne (ARG). Kappel & Tibu (EST). Faarao Pirttikangas (FIN). Räpina Jack (EST). Tomahawck Brothers (EST). Sulliwan Unplugged (EST).


Tickets for concerts and individual performances can be purchased directly on site, at the entrance ticket office of each location. The price varies according to the show, from a minimum of €15 to a maximum of €35 for the main performances (Piiskopillinus). Sunday 06 August 2023 single show at the Haapsalu Church at a cost of €10 per person.

The Festivali Pass, on the other hand, is rather convenient. Especially if purchased a little in advance from the start of the Festival.
With this ticket you will have free access to the events for the entire duration of the festival.
Prices vary depending on the month of purchase. Until May 31st, it costs 60€. Within June 30th, €65. Throughout July, €70. From 01 August, you pay the standard rate of 75€ online, and 80€ at the ticket office.

The price is valid for all guests over 14 years old. Under 14s enter for free, accompanied by a paying adult.

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