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Fly with Air France. Info and baggage allowance, equipment

Fly with Air France

Here is the essential information you need to know if you decide to fly with Air France.


Each person can carry one hand luggage with a maximum size of 55x35x25 cm, including handles and wheels.

In addition, it is possible to bring 1 personal accessory, among the following:

  • 1 women’s handbag
  • 1 document bag
  • 1 case for laptop, camera or any other electronic device.

The accessory cannot exceed the dimensions of 40x30x15cm, and must be able to be inserted under the front seat.

PLEASE NOTE: all hand luggage and accessories must not exceed 12kg, depending on the travel cabin indicated on the ticket purchased.

Fly with Air France


Depending on the flight and the fare purchased, it is possible to carry one or more items of standard weight and size in the hold. The ECONOMY fare allows the transport of STANDARD hold baggage.

The maximum dimensions of a standard hold baggage must not exceed a total of 158cm (height + width + depth) including pockets, wheels and handles.

For an additional fee, it is possible to check in larger bags. The price depends on the destination. For Europe, the price is €70.00.

Standard baggage must have a maximum permissible weight of 23kg. Also in this case, for an additional fee, it is possible to carry luggage up to 32kg in weight. The fare varies according to the destination.

Supplements are paid directly at the airport.


Along with your hand baggage, if you choose to fly with Air France, you will be able to bring some additional items on board. Umbrella, overcoat, crutches, walking stick, a standard bag containing goods purchased at the airport duty free.

It is possible to purchase 1 allowance for sports equipment or special baggage for each customer. The overall dimensions (height + width + depth) must not exceed 300 cm, for a maximum weight of 23 kg in economy and 32 kg in Business Class. You can bring golf clubs, bicycles (with certain requirements), skis and boots, canoes and kayaks …


Before accessing the security checks, we recommend storing the Liquids, Aerosols, Gel (LAG) in containers with a capacity not exceeding 100 ml or equivalent. These containers must be placed in a transparent and resealable plastic bag, with a capacity not exceeding one liter.

The bag must be completely closed and the dimensions must not exceed 20 × 20 cm.

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