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Braderie de Lille 2024, fair event in France, 13 - 15 September

Braderie de Lille 2024

WHERE: Lille, France
WHEN: from 13th to 15th September 2024

Every year, in September, beautiful Lille becomes the Capital of Commerce and Bargaining.
Hundreds of stands and stalls fill the streets, squares, and every corner of the French town, in what is considered the largest flea market in Europe; even if this definition might be a bit narrow !!!

A real “bargain hunt”, among the more than 10,000 sellers present. Clothes. Frippery. Books. Used clothes. Antiques, quite famous in these parts … All this awaits you at the Braderie de Lille, one of the best known events in France. It is no coincidence that it welcomes about two million visitors (at least before COVID!); numbers that are impressive to say the least.

A colorful, convivial, festive event that fully reflects the spirit of the city and its inhabitants.
An event with very ancient origins: traces can be found in official documents as early as the 12th century!

Braderie de Lille


Braderie de Lille is, above all, the most famous flea market in the country. You can rummage through hundreds of thousands of items to give a second life to.
It is also an important gastronomic event. We are still in France. You cannot leave this place without having tasted the famous mussels and fries.

There will be an entire area dedicated to antiques, one of the main reasons for the visit. An area set up for children and even a marathon!



Lille is well connected with the rest of the country. Lille-Flanders is the city’s main train station, served by the TGV and TER lines. The LGV north line, on the other hand, passes through Lille-Europe, the second most important railway station in the city.
Coming by car, you will not be able to reach the center: the whole area where the Braderie de Lille takes place, in fact, becomes a pedestrian zone. You can leave your car in one of the numerous car parks near the stations, and use public transport by taking advantage of the P + R (park and ride) rate.

For the visit one moves only on foot. The metro, throughout the weekend, is upgraded, and tickets are offered at affordable rates. Keep in mind, in any case, that much of the city will be a pedestrian zone closed to cars.


The Braderie de Lille 2024 runs from Friday 13th September, starting at 19:00, until Sunday 15th at 18:00, continuously for the entire duration.

The areas will be divided by theme. In mid-August, the municipality generally publishes the map with the places on the official website.


For purchases, you would be spoiled for choice. It is difficult to imagine that you will leave the place empty-handed. Just as likely that you are leaving with something that you have not planned to buy!

The evening program is also top notch. Pubs, brasserie, restaurants offer many gastronomic delicacies. As always, the famous mussels will be the main protagonist: it is no coincidence that around 600 tons are consumed every year in Lille.
Many restaurateurs, this weekend, proudly exhibit mountains of empty mussel shells, testifying to their success!
To be accompanied, of course, with rivers of craft beer from the Region.

On the bill there will also be the traditional 10 km Marathon, from Gran Avenue, starting at 09:00.

*all information contained herein, including timetables and prices, is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered official. All names and trademarks herein belong to their respective owners.


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