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Zurich Public transport tickets to travel. Price, where to buy

Zurich Public transport tickets

To use public transport in Zurich, you just need to always buy the same ticket, no matter what you use. Trams, buses, S-Bahns, funiculars and boats all form part of the single integrated system.

The rates vary according to the zones. Generally, to move around the City (ZONE 110) you just need to buy a ticket for 2 zones. It is important to remember, however, that Zones 110 and 120 (Winterthur) are ALWAYS counted as 2 zones. This means that anyone wishing to move from ZONE 121 (where Zurich International Airport is located for example) to ZONE 110, or vice versa, will always have to purchase a ticket for 3 ZONES, although there are actually only two!

Single tickets and carnet are ideal for those who use the vehicles occasionally. A single ticket for 2 zones costs 4.60CHF. It is ideal for getting around the center. It is valid for 60 minutes from the moment of validation. The single 3-zone ticket, ideal for example for getting from the airport to the center, costs 7CHF. It too has a validity of 60′.

Zurich Public transport tickets

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The carnets, available for all areas, are valid for 6 journeys. They allow a saving of the order of 10%, on the price of single tickets. The 6-trip booklet for 2 zones, for example, costs 24.80CHF instead of 27.60.

ZVV DAY PASS is ideal for getting around the city on a frequent basis. It is valid for 24 hours from the first validation, and allows unlimited use of all vehicles, for the purchased zones. A ticket for 2 zones costs 9.20CHF. For 3 zones, 14CHF.

9 O’CLOCK DAY PASS, is one of the special Zurich public transport tickets. It is valid for all areas for a day of your choice between Saturday, Sunday and holidays. It costs 27CHF per adult, and 13.50CHF for children. It can also be used for a weekday of your choice, however, in this case, its time validity is limited from 09:00 to 17:00. Recommended if you want to reach One very far from the center, during the weekend.

Please note that in order to use the boats and night lines, IT IS MANDATORY TO PURCHASE the SUPPLEMENT in addition to the ordinary ticket. It costs 5,00CHF.


All tickets and supplements can be purchased at the numerous vending machines in the main station hemisphere, at agencies and exhibitors displaying the ZVV brand, or through the official APP (iOS and Android)


The ideal solution that combines culture with the convenience of transport. Available, only, in the 24 and 72 hour cuts, the Zurich Card allows you to use all means of public transport, in zones 110, 111, 121, 140, 150, 154 and 155. You can also take advantage of free and reductions in the main museums of Zurich. In addition, you will have numerous discounts on activities and restaurants.

The 24-hour Zurich Card costs 29CHF per adult, and 19CHF per child. The 72-hour card costs 56CHF and 37CHF respectively.

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