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Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2023, from 13 to 22 October. Thailand

Dimensions Festival

WHERE: Tisno, Croatia
WHEN: from 31 August to 04 September 2023

Despite its young age (it celebrates its 11th anniversary), the Dimensions Festival has carved out a leading role in the field of dance festivals in Europe. Location, lineup and organization are the basis of the success in terms of numbers of the Croatian review.

The 2023 edition will take place in Tisno, at the idyllic Garden Resort, a real corner of paradise on the Dalmatian coast, between the blue of the sea and the scorching sun. And, at night, everyone can go wild at the Barbarella Disco, to dance under the stars in one of the most famous places in Europe.

We are sure it will be love at first sight. Incredibly perfect audio and acoustics will accompany your wild evenings to the rhythm of electronics, house, techno, underground. A truly fantastic experience. A truly beautiful place.

In the morning, lots of relaxation, sun and sea. You can relax, or choose to spend a fantastic day, setting sail on one of the boats, for a fantastic boat party. We drink and dance, transported by the waves of the sea. In the evening, however, we go wild to the sound of the best DJ sets.

Dimensions Festival


Only children aged 18 and over can take part in the 11th edition of the Festival. At the entrance, you will be asked to show a valid identity document.


The international airports of Zadar and Split are the closest to Tisno. The first is just under 60 kilometers away while the second about 90 kilometers.

The Garden Resort can be easily reached by car or, alternatively, through a transfer from the airport. The ticket costs £33 per person for a one-way journey from Split or Zadar Airport. You can buy it on the official website.

For those wishing to save money, some regional buses leave from Zadar to Tisno: they are not very frequent.


Below, in alphabetical order, the artists who will perform at the 2022 edition of the festival:

Adam Pits & Lisene: Space Cadets, Aletha, Alex Kassian, Alexis Le Tan & Joakim: Full Circle, Andy Luff, Anz, Best Boy Electric, Bluetoof, Borys & Noizar, Carl H, Caruan, CCL b2b DJ Voices, Christian AB b2b Quest, Craigie Knowes, DJ Assault, DJ Bone Electro Set, DJ Masda 626 Evan Baggs, DJ Perception, DJ Pipe, DJ Stingray 313, Donato Dozzy, Donna Leake, Dr Banana, Dr Rubinstein, Driss Bennis OCB Live aka., Eich, Enchanted Rhythms, Enrica Falqui, Flo Dill, Francesco Del Garda, Freakenstein, Fumiya Tanaka, Gabbs, Garrett David, Gene On Earth 62b Dyed Soundorom, GiGi FM, Guy Contact, Hamish & Toby, Helena Hauff, Hieroglyphic Being Live, Inner Zone Tration Steppas, ISAbella, Jaye Ward, Joe Delon, Josey Rebelle, Karine KRN, L.FT., Lady Passion, Laidlaw, Lena Willikens, Liquid Earth LTJ Bukem & MC Lowqui, Mala, Malika, Mari.te, Matthew Neequaye, Matthias, Melody, Mother Earth, Neel, Nicolas Lutz, Nite Fleit, Obiekt, OK Williams, Om Unit, Onur, Özer, Paquita Gordon, Paramida, Peach b2b Sugar Free, Prosumer, Raphael Carrau, Rasho, Ron Obvious Live, Roza Terenzi b2b D. Tiffany, Skee Mask, So-Fi, Steevio Live, Sweely Sybil, Tasha, The Ghost, Tho & Loren, Tim Reaper, tINI b2b Doudou MD, Tristan Da Cunha, Truly Madly Unai, Trotti, Voigtmann, XDB, Youandewan b2b Huerta, Z@p Live, Zip.


Here are the tickets available for the Dimensions Festival 2023:

  • SINGLE DAY. Access to a single day of your choice. It costs 59.95€.
  • FESTIVAL PASS. It offers access to the event for the entire duration. It costs 239.80€.
  • AFTER PARTY FULL PASS. Complete pass to access the 4 daily “after party” events. It costs 41.96€ per person.
  • AFTER PARTY SINGLE DAY. It offers access to a single event of your choice among the 4 available from Thursday to Sunday. It costs 17.98€.


One of the most anticipated appointments. An extraordinary experience for dancing and romping along the waters of the Adriatic, aboard suggestive boats. Tickets cost 26.98€ per person. It is valid only for the purchased event and cannot be refunded. Every day, 3 different parties are scheduled, at 12:30, 16:15 and 20:00. The duration is approximately 3 hours.


There is really a wide selection of facilities to stay in, suitable for all needs. Hostels, apartments and luxurious mobile homes, up to tents under the stars.


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