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Passport. Guide, practical info about the italian card. How to request


The Passport is an individual and personal recognition document that can be obtained by all Italian citizens. On Italian territory it is issued by the police headquarters, while abroad by the diplomatic and consular offices.

Currently, a paper passport with an electronic microchip is inserted into the cover. In response to current European legislation, from the 20 May 2010, the passport consists of 48 unified model pages. The microchip on the cover, contains the personal data, the photo and the fingerprints of the holder. On the 2 page there is also the digitized signature of the holder, except in the case in which the holder is exempt. Precisely in this case, the word ESENTE will appear (because I have hours of 12 years, illiterate or for an established and documented physical impossibility)

On the official website of the State Police, you will find all the information concerning the procedure for requesting and issuing the document in question. On the Passport Agenda website, available from this link, The new state police service is active to request a passport online and to book the date and place to present the application, eliminating the long waits in the police offices.


Since October 2014 has been active the service “Home Passports”. Thanks to an agreement with Poste Italiane, the issued document will be delivered directly to the home of the person who requested it. The service costs 8,20€; the amount must be paid on delivery at the time of delivery, or directly to the Poste Italiane agent.


Very few are aware of a particular regarding the Passport. Parents who are children of minors, in fact, to request the issue of their passport, MUST MANDATORY to have the consent of the other parent! It does not matter if married, cohabiting, separated, divorced or natural parents; you can always request the other parent to request your document.

The other parent must sign the assent at the office where the documentation is presented, in front of the Public Official. In the absence of consent, the authorization of the tutelary judge must be obtained.

If the other parent is unable, the passport applicant can attach a photocopy of the document of the absent parent signed in original (the document must be signed for the comparison of signatures); a written declaration of consent to the expatriation signed in the original will also be required (pursuant to the DPR 445 of the 2000 law Bassanini). This procedure is extended to all EU citizens.

This is a procedure designed to protect minors.

The passport has a duration of 10 years. When it expires, it is not renewed, but a new document must be requested.

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