Fly. All the practical info for Flying. Airports, companies, children


All airports in the world with practical information and links. The main airlines: rules and information before flying

And, again … the necessary documents. Special cases and information for those flying with children.

Airports in the World

Many practical info to reach the airports in the world. For each airport, the list of carriers and direct connections. How to reach the cities from the main airports by public transport

The list of the main carriers with valuable information, useful before booking. Hand and hold baggage: deductible and rules. Base rates and possible supplements.
And, moreover, rules regarding the transport of liquids, medicines, baby food.

From Air France to Vueling: all the information you need to know before you leave or book

Why fly? Simple. I am not happy unless there is some space between me and the earth.

Richard Bach

Practical information for all those who are about to travel with children. The necessary documents and all the information of the individual airlines. Deductible, food, equipment and much more.


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"Who has tried the flight will walk looking at the sky, because there he was and there he wants to return"

Leonardo Da Vinci