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Gotland Medieval Week from 07 to 14 August 2022 in Sweden

Gotland Medieval Week

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WHERE: Visby, Sweden
WHEN: from 07 to 14 August 2022

Not just a festival, but a monumental historical re-enactment that will entertain its visitors over the course of a week. Events. Shows. Exhibitions. Medieval tournaments. Gastronomy. And, in the background, the beautiful medieval city of Visby, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This awaits you at the Gotland medieval, known by the Swedish name of Medeltidsveckan, one of the most anticipated events on the Baltic Sea island. During this period, many visitors from Sweden come to this beautiful island to participate in the event.

An event that recalls the battle of Visby in 1361, and which, at the same time, shows scenarios and stories of the past, making the past perfectly relive.

A real paradise for all those who love street theater, storytelling, fairytale scenarios, fire eaters and, even, medieval rides and instruments reconstructed in full rule.
You can have fun and laugh in the company of minstrels. Get excited about watching a real medieval tournament. Relax by taking beautiful walks among the ancient walls and medieval Towers of Visby.

Without forgetting the markets and festivals of typical products, and dishes of the historical tradition, perfectly reworked in our time.

Gotland Island is a truly magical and wonderful place. A land with incredible testimonies of the past. In this period you can admire it in its maximum splendor.

Medeltidsveckan - Gotland Medieval Week

Photo ©, Ainali



Gotland medieval week takes place all over the island but it is in Visby, on its main center, that the greatest number of events are concentrated. Visby is also the starting point for moving around the island. The airport serving Gotland, in fact, is located just 4 kilometers from Visby, perfectly accessible by car, taxi and bus.


As per tradition, every year the event revolves around a central theme. This year, the theme will be “Fantasy“. This year, in fact, the organizers of the show want to pay tribute to all lovers of Fantasy, of TV series inspired by the genre, and to Tolkien fanatics. All of this, of course, starting from the historical reenactment of the battle of the fourteenth century.

The event takes place over 8 days, from Saturday 07 to Saturday 14 August. Every day, from around 09:00 to 19:00, there will be shows and entertainment for all ages.

For kids aged 5 to 15, there will be the Swords and Witchcraft Adventure Game. Over 30 games and fights to test the skills of the little ones, with epic sword fights, witch hunts, adventures with dragons…
Every day, generally from 09:00 to 19:00, in the medieval week market, you can find everything: from medieval clothing, to fabrics, wrought iron and other handicrafts. You can eat and great food.
Food, drinks, music, acrobats, knights, horses, theater, fire, archery, new circus, conferences, workshops and shows by experts and enthusiasts, crafts, medieval goods. It is a medieval arena in which to relive medieval myths.


Tältbyn is the official campsite of the event. You can relax by placing a tent in this quiet area of ​​Galgberget, north of Visby. There are two areas, one of which is intended exclusively for medieval tents. Here the atmosphere of the Middle Ages is recreated, without the possibility of even accessing electricity! Furthermore, in this area of ​​the campsite, you MUST NECESSARILY dress in medieval clothing.
Check in is from 12:00 on Friday 06 August. Check out must be done by 12:00 on Monday 16 August 2022.


To attend the event, you must purchase the MEDIEVAL PASS which will allow you to attend all the shows and events (unless otherwise specified) in Visby and on the island. To access, for example, the “Swords and Sorcery Adventure Game”, you pay a separate ticket.
The price for an adult aged 23 and over is 600kr (approximately €58).
Young people aged 16 to 22 pay the special rate of 440kr (43€).
Children aged 7 to 15, on the other hand, pay 275kr (27€).

The Medieval Pass is included in the Camping Ticket. The latter costs 1500kr for ages 23 and up; 1200kr for young people aged 16 to 22. Children aged 3 to 15 pay 700kr.

*All contents are purely indicative. Before attending the event, please consult the official website. Schedules may be changed based on current COVID-19 regulations in Sweden. We also remind you to inform yourself in advance about the mandatory nature of the vaccine, green pass and swab.

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