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Medievales de Provins 2024, 01 and 02 June. Info, program, tickets

Medievales de Provins

WHERE: Provins, France
WHEN: 01 – 02 June 2024

Lovers and enthusiasts of art, folklore, traditions will certainly not miss one of the most renowned festivals in the European scene. In June, the Medievales de Provins await you with an extraordinary re-enactment and historical celebration.

This year the festival reaches its 39th edition: entertainment and fun guaranteed for everyone. Two days in which the whole city dresses up; it will seem to be back in time. And, great news this year, the prologue of the party, Friday night!

A festival organized down to the smallest detail, welcoming enough. Medievales de Provins will really thrill you with a full program of events and initiatives. You will be able to watch the parade, savor delicacies at the banquets and admire the extraordinary historical re-enactments.
You can walk through the streets, in an incredible atmosphere of the past; sit back and savor the gastronomy or, still, participate in the games and activities that took place in the Middle Ages. You will admire ancient crafts and characters perfectly at work.

To participate in the historical festival, it is preferable to wear a costume. The organization has established that the fantastic theme costumes are also accepted; you can also dress up as Robin Hood, or with the classic dress of the Knights of the Templars. If you are with your little ones, you will be able to see them walking with the princesses’ dress. Keep in mind that, presenting yourself in costume, you will get a reduction on the admission price.

medievales de Provins

Photo, 2010 Julien Magne



Provins, is just under 100 kilometers from Paris. The best way to reach the town of Ile-de-France is by plane via Paris.

Once you have landed at the Ville Lumiére, you arrive in Provins by car, or by train. From Paris, Gare de l’Est, trains leave for Provins every hour. The journey takes about 80′. An excellent solution is to arrive at RER in Chessy-Marne la Vallée. From here, from the 06:00 to the 22:00, the Express n.50 bus leaves for Provins hourly.


The ticket valid for one day costs 13€ (12€ online), while, for two days, costs 18€ (16€ online). The rate applies if you participate without a suit; in fact, in addition to being recommended, presenting in costume saves money. Those who show up in costume pay the special rate of 10€ for two days and 7€ for one day.

Disabled people, and children under the age of 12 enter FREE.


10:00 Beginning of the Party
11:30 Inauguration Medievales de Provins 2024
20:00 Medieval dance
22:00 Great Medieval concert

10:00 Beginning of the Party
15:00 Great costume show with 500 protagonists
17:00 Grand Final.


Given the short distance, if you were on holiday in Paris, you can safely consider spending an entire day in the city and returning to the French capital. In this case, you can choose your structure directly from this link.

Alternatively, you might consider spending at least one night in this fascinating and charming medieval city. From this link, you can find your property at the best price.

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