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Provins, Ile de France. How to get to Provins by plane car train


A wonderful medieval city-museum, open to the sky. A historical place of extraordinary charm and charm, less than 100 kilometers from Paris.

The medieval city of Provins, is one of the most popular destinations, on vacation in Paris, for a “day trip”. Obviously, after the well-known Versailles, or Disneyland

Thanks to the almost intact historic center, surrounded by beautiful medieval walls, the place has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2001.
Today, you can admire a city suspended in time, with splendid sites, and a full calendar of events. Among these, the most famous are Les Medievales, and the Christmas markets.




Provins, is less than 100 kilometers from Paris. The best way to reach the small town of Ile-de-France is by plane, calling at Orly, Charles de Gaulle or, alternatively, at Beauvais.
Anyone wishing to reach Provins by train should arrive in the Capital, at Gare de l’Est.


The train station is near the center, about 10 minutes walk from the medieval walls.
The railway connections are managed by Transilien-SNCF.

Every hour, the XIBU train leaves, operated by Transilien, from Paris-Gare de l’Est. The train takes about 80 minutes to reach its destination, for a total of 7 stops. The ticket (Zone 5), costs 5€ per adult. First useful start, from Paris, at 06:46.

The station of the French town is open from around 04.15 am until 10.00 pm. Outside, you will find two parking areas, with a capacity of around 200 cars.


The city is located about 100 kilometers south-east of Paris. From the capital, you get through the N4.
If you land in Paris and want to stop immediately in Provins, you can rent a car at the airport.

Further south, Dijon is about 250 km away, passable on A31 and A5, for about 3 hours of travel. Bern, in Switzerland, is about 500 km away.


Given the short distance, those who were on vacation in Paris, can safely consider spending an entire day in the city and returning to the French capital. In this case, you can choose your property directly from this link.
Alternatively, you might consider spending at least one night in this charming and evocative Medieval city. From this link, you can find your property at the best price. Keep in mind, however, that the weekend of the event the availability is really limited, and the prices rather high.

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