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Best April events 2024. Guide to the best festivals in April

Best April events 2024

The Netherlands is a truly wonderful land, to be admired at any time of the year. For many, however, the best time to visit it is undoubtedly Spring, in the company of daffodils, hyacinths and tulips, for an authentic explosion of scents and colours.

Keukenhof and Bollenstreek, in this sense, are the perfect places to admire bulbs in all their splendor. Precisely in these wonderful places you will be able to attend some of the best events of April 2024. For the whole month, in fact, the Keukenhof gardens will be open to the public with many events for the whole family. From 17 to 21 April, however, don’t miss the Dutch Spring Festival and the evocative Blomencorso, the most eagerly awaited flower parade of the year!

Festivals and Best April Events

Photo ©, Rok Hodej

The Dutch program is enriched with another absolutely unmissable event: King’s Day. Appointment on Saturday 27th in Amsterdam. On these days, among great celebrations and parades, we dance, drink, eat and have fun throughout the day. In every place, street and square of the city… all strictly in orange!

In April, the lands of the Empire Polo Club of Indio are ready to make music resound in every corner.
The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is finally back, a majestic outdoor musical event, one of the most important in the world.
A festival that covers a desert area of over 600 acres!

Since 1999, two decades of memorable performances in the Colorado desert, and the most extraordinary artists of contemporary, electronic and alternative music. Artists who offered extraordinary performances that helped to increase the appeal of this festival.

New Orleans and Jazz: an indissoluble couple. We leave the worthy conclusion of the events of April to one of the most important Jazz festivals in the world. The New Orleans Jazz Festival is a world-class event for all fans of the genre. An event that celebrates not only music, but all the culture of New Orleans and Louisiana. It takes place every year between the last week of April and the first week of May. Really wonderful and unmissable.

Feria de Abril, Sevilla, 2012

The best time to visit the city, according to the inhabitants of Seville? No doubt. The one in conjunction with the Feria de Abril Seville, one of the most anticipated events of the year. Together with Holy Week.

The Feria de Abril Seville is the most popular festival in the city. It takes place exactly two weeks after Easter. The festival was born in 1847 as a livestock fair. Over the years, it began to modify its initial character, until it took on its current shape; that is, an incredibly fun party, where you dance, dance and let loose until the early hours of the morning.

About two hours by train from Barcelona, Montblanc’s Medieval Week is one of the best April events in Spain. The event takes place every year over the two weekends during which the feast of the patron saint falls on 23 April. The Setmana Medieval program is really rich. Among the unmissable events, the Representation of the legend of Saint George, and the splendid medieval market.

The Spring Festival, which takes place in Stuttgart from 20 April to mid-May, is quite different. It is one of the most loved holidays by the Germans. A sort of spring Oktoberfest, more genuine and less touristy. A festival where you can savor the excellent beers on offer, taste the culinary delicacies and have fun with all your children. In addition to the food stands, in fact, you will find rides, attractions, games, dances, songs and events dedicated to children. In our opinion, one of the best April events.

Among the best April events, the Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh cannot be missed. It is a traditional event held every year in Calton Hill, in the Scottish town. The popular event is a modern revival of an ancient festival of Scottish and Irish Gaelic origin, held on April 30 to celebrate the arrival of summer. The ceremony takes place in the evening. During the celebrations it will be possible to see the undressed Celts raising luminous torches, in order to increase the fertility of the soil for humans and the animals that reside there.

Immense bonfires. Bonfires and witches. Demon-possessed people who praise Satan …
Between mysticism and paganism, a sort of Halloween to the extreme, celebrated in Saxony, and, in particular, in the Harz region. The Walpurgis Night is an extraordinary event that has its roots in the pre-Christian period, as a sort of middle ground between propitiatory rites and the celebrations of Spring.

Last but not least, in this precious list, one of the most incredible, and absurd, events of April 2024, Kanamara Matsuri. Literally, the festival of the Iron Penis, and will take place this year on 07th. A unique occasion, in which you will see crowds of tourists and onlookers for the city of Kawasaki, literally invaded by fouls of all sizes, carried on their shoulders through the streets of the city. His majesty the penis, is revered in all forms: illustrations, candy, carved vegetables, decorations and, of course, a grand parade. Really amazing!


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