Cologne Carnival, 20 - 25 February 2020. Practical infos and guide

Cologne Carnival

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WHERE: Cologne, Germany
WHEN: 20 – 25 February 2020

Spring, summer, autumn, winter … and carnival.
Just like that.
In Cologne the seasons are 5 because the Carnival, in these parts, is considered the 5a season of the year.
An event that starts the day 11/11 at 11:11 in point, in Heumarkt, reaching the climax during the so-called “Crazy days”, starting from Thursday fat.

An event in which the limits are represented by your imagination.
The Cologne Carnival is, without a doubt, the most amusing, crazy and colorful festival in the whole country. An event whose origins date back to the Middle Ages, if not earlier.

The only password is fun.
Parades and parades, along the streets and squares of the city, follow one another during the Crazy Days of Carnival, and, in particular, on Monday with the unmissable Monday of the Roses.

Expect to receive many sweets, chocolates and, above all, a myriad of Bützjer, that is, the kisses of the participants.
Join the fun. Wear the clothes that make you feel at ease. It does not matter if they are elegant or eccentric. The only thing that matters at the Cologne Carnival is to join the fun. Every evening, in the city, parties and masked balls await you.

Cologne Carnival



Parades, dances and songs are held throughout the city, from South to North. You can move around with comfortable, efficient public transport to reach the Cologne Carnival venues. For info, timetables and ticket prices, you can consult our official page, from this link.


It starts Friday 21 February, from the 10:00. Women in costume head to the Alter Markt. Right here, at the 11:11, the Prince, the Peasant and the Vegine officially open the event.

Saturday 22 February, in addition to the traditional fashion shows, do not miss the afternoon Geisterzug. This is traditional Ghosts Parade, very awaited appointment because it is the only parade in which you can be protagonists and not just spectators. You just have to wear a mask to take part in this incredible parade.

Sunday 23, and Tuesday 25, lots of parades and processions await you, along the streets of the center, with school groups and carnivals. On Shrove Tuesday, from 22:00, preparations begin for the fire of the Nubbel. In various areas of the city, these straw figures are set on fire, so that all sins are burned with them. During this ceremony, we dance and sing. In Agneskirche and throughout the Südstadt, Ehrenfeld and Nippes, you will witness this extraordinary, extravagant tradition.

From 14 to 21st February, every Friday and Saturday, waiting for you Long live Cologne, an extraordinary event at the Festhalle am Südstadion, which combines music and gastronomy. In an incredible location of over 4000 square meters. More info from here.

Cologne is also known for being an extremely tolerant city. There are, therefore, numerous events and shows throughout the city organized by the gay community.

Cologne Carnival Parade


The parade on Monday is, without a doubt, the most popular moment with the greatest number of tourists. We start at 10:30 from Severinstor
In a journey of over 6 kilometers, more than 10000 participants parade, with more than 70 allegorical wagons, beautifully decorated, tractors and trucks. A truly incredible and sumptuous party. Colorful and fun. Join the crowd, shouting “Kamelle”, to receive your ration of sweets, candies and chocolates. All strictly free, offered by the participants.

Often, coming from neighboring destinations, those who choose a simple escape to attend the Cologne Carnival, are inclined for this date. That is why, on Monday you will find the peak of visitors.
Our advice is to arrive well in advance. The rule is: whoever arrives late, badly lodges. Avoid, above all, the area of ​​the Cathedral; this is the area where the largest number of spectators is concentrated. The route is quite long and you will find several points with little turnout. Above all, moving away from the areas closest to the metro stops, where visitors arrive at the last hour.


Finding an accommodation in the city center during the Cologne Carnival could be a difficult task. Above all, booking near the event and wanting to contain costs.
Even the hostels, in this period, are literally snapped up.
If available, Cologne downtown hostel It is one of the best solutions in the Altstadt Nord area.

Our advice is to look for facilities far from the city center, near the S-Bahn stop.
Holiday Inn Express Cologne Troisdorf, in this sense, it could represent an excellent compromise. This 3-star hotel is located in Troisdorf, half-way between Cologne and Bonn. It offers newly renovated rooms with air conditioning and a complimentary continental breakfast. 9 is a 15-minute drive from Cologne-Bonn Airport. The Koelnmesse exhibition center and the historic city center of Cologne are easily reachable by public transport; The Spich S-Bahn stop is about a 10 minute walk from the Hotel.

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