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Orujo Festival 2023, 10-12 November. Best events Cantabria

Orujo Festival

WHERE: Potes, Spain
WHEN: from 10 to 12 November 2023

Every year, in autumn, the medieval town of Potes, in the heart of Cantabria, hosts the Orujo Festival, an event that celebrates this liqueur with a centuries-old tradition.
The production of marc liébaniega (from the name of the area, the Valle de Liébana), in fact, dates back to the period of the grape harvest in the monasteries, during the Middle Ages.

Born in 1984, the festival attracts thousands of tourists and onlookers from all over the Iberian Peninsula.
In 2012 it obtained the highest recognition as a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

In addition to tasting the best Orujo labels, the event offers the opportunity to taste typical products of the area and traditional preparations. All this is complemented by a rich entertainment program with exhibitions, concerts and shows.

Orujo Festival

Photo ©, Gobierno de Cantabria



Potes is located in the north of Spain, in the heart of Cantabria, in the Valle de Liébana.
Santander International Airport, about 100 kilometers away, is an excellent starting point for arriving in Potes. By car (preferable) it takes about 90 minutes.


It is not necessary to purchase any entrance ticket: participation in the Orujo Festival is free.
All drinks are paid.


The party takes place, as per traction, in the middle of autumn, from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 November. Over the course of the weekend, the streets and the main square are filled with people ready to party until late in the evening.
In addition to Orujo, it will be possible to taste some of the best local dishes such as Liébaniego stew or Picon cheese.

Atmosphere, colors and music invade the town for 3 days.
Small appetizer on Thursday evenings with the inhabitants of the Valley who arrive with their “peñas” to get some pomace.

Sunday 12, not to be missed, the “Alquitara de Oro” award ceremony, the award given to the best grape marc producer of the year.

For timetables and the complete program, please refer to the official website of the organizers and to the social channels.


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