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Ivrea Historical Carnival 2024 from 06 January to 13 February

Ivrea Historical Carnival

WHERE: Ivrea, Italy
WHEN: from 06 January to 13 February 2024

History, tradition, culture, show. This, and much more, represents the Ivrea Historical Carnival. It is one of the most fascinating events in Italy. A party in which history, myth and legend come together. Today, the Historical Carnival Ivrea has obtained the recognition of an Italian event of international importance.

The event is held every year in the Piedmontese town and attracts an increasing number of tourists and curious. All attracted by the spectacular historical re-enactment and the characters that crowd the streets of the city.

During the three days of the event, along the streets of Ivrea, it is possible to attend the traditional historical parade; folk groups, allegorical floats, musical bands, from all over Europe, and all the characters of the carnival tradition of Ivrea, parade through the streets of the city. The Mugnaia is the symbolic character of this carnival. Next to bridesmaids and pages, she parades on a golden chariot, wearing a long white wool dress; from here, candy and twigs of mimosa are thrown to passersby. The main characters, as mentioned, parade during the parade.

The General with the Horse Officers who make up the Napoleonic Staff; the Vivandiere; the Grand Chancellor Substitute; the Magnificent Podestà, that is, he who is the guarantor of city liberty; the very young Abba, holding a small saber on which an orange is impaled, symbol of the severed head of the tyrant.

Carnevale Storico Ivrea

Photo ©, Laurom

The Ivrea Historical Carnival is a moment of joy, celebration and sharing. And, inevitable, music is one of the fundamental elements. At the band of pipes and drums, the task of animating the party, with their instruments. Pipes, drums and drums, rhythm sounds and music from the seventeenth-nineteenth century. The band also performs “La Canzone del Carnevale”; it is the official anthem of the party that celebrates the popular revolt against the tyrant. The event, however, of greater appeal, inextricably linked to the Historic Carnival Ivrea, is the Battle of oranges. An incredible evocative event that is absolutely unmissable. A show of sounds, lights and colors.



Ivrea is located in Piedmont, in northern Italy, about 200 kilometers from Geneva in Switzerland, and 350 from Lyon, in France. Turin-Caselle Airport, the closest to Ivrea, is just over 50 kilometers. Ideally, it would be to hire a car. Anyone wishing to use the means must arrive by bus at the Torino Porta Susa railway station; from here, the regional train allows you to reach Ivrea in about an hour.

Less accessible, in spite of the not excessive distance, the nearby Milan-Linate and Milan-Malpensa airports. Advisable in the case of car hire. Otherwise, with the means, the journey times are over 3 hours due to the numerous changes.

Ivrea Historical Carnival

Photo, Laurom


It officially starts on Friday 6 January 2024. Appointment from 08.30 to 16.30 with a rich program of events and activities. From 9am, the opening march of the Carnival through the streets of the city. Here is the list of the main activities and programs, found on the official website:

  • Sunday 28 January: Beans from Bellavista and San Giovanni (09.15). Acceptance of the Book of Minutes from the Grand Chancellor to the Deputy (10.40). Prize du Drapeau (11.30am). Inaugural Banquet (12.30pm). Raising of the Abbas. Historical procession parade.
  • Sunday 04 March: Fagiolate di Montenavale, Cuj dij Vigne, Torre Balfredo and Santi Pietro e Donato (09:00). Presentation of the casting floats and parade in the streets of the center (10.30am). Raising of the Abbas. Parade parade.
  • Thursday 08: Fat Thursday celebrations with the transfer of civil powers from the Mayor of Ivrea to the General and donning of the Phrygian cap. Historical Parade (3pm). Children’s party in Piazza Ottinetti (3pm). Fagiolata Cuj d’via (3pm).
  • Saturday 10th: Presentation of the Miller’s Escort of Honor (12:00). Presentation of the Vezzosa Mugnaia from the loggia of the Municipal Palace (9.00 pm). March of the Historical Parade (9.30pm). Fireworks show in Lungo Doria (10.30pm). Dance in the square (11pm).
  • Sunday 11th: Fagiolate del Castellazzo, San Lorenzo, via Dora Baltea and San Bernardo (09.30). Ceremony of the Prey in Dora (10.30am). Placing of the tanks in Corso Massimo d’Azeglio and start of the first of the three days of Battle (1.00pm). Historical procession (2pm).
  • Monday 12th: Zappate degli Scarli As plant ‘lpich a l’uso antic (09.30). Placing of the jet tanks in Corso Massimo d’Azeglio and start of the second day of Battle (1pm). Historical procession (2.15pm).
  • Tuesday 13th: Setting up of the jet tanks in Corso Massimo d’Azeglio and start of the third day of Battle (1pm). Historical procession (2pm). Awards ceremony for the Jet Carts and the walking teams (5.45pm). Departure of the last historical procession (8:00 pm). Burning of the Scarli in the various districts and burning in the presence of the Mugnaia (9.30pm).


The Ivrea Historical Carnival is one of the most popular events in the city. Finding an accommodation in the center, considering the offer, is an almost impossible undertaking. Especially close to the event.

Even small localities such as Banchette or Pavone Canavese could easily be sold-out. Whoever wants, can search from here.

Given the approximately 50 kilometers away, our advice is to find a structure in Turin. Here, you will have ample choice and availability. Ideal solution especially in case you were self-driving. From this link, the accommodations for Turin, at the best price!


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