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Els Enfarinats 2023, December 28. Program, what to do and see

Els Enfarinats

WHERE: Ibi, Spain
WHEN: 28 December 2023

Eggs and flour are the main ingredients of one of the most incredible, and weird, events in Spain: Els Enfarinats.

A celebration that has been going on for almost 2 centuries, on December 28 (Day of Innocence) in the small Spanish village of Ibi, not far from beautiful Alicante.

Nothing to do, however, with Christmas and Gastronomy. Taking a cue from an event
Biblical, the streets of Ibi will be invaded by soldiers armed with eggs and flour ready to strike anyone who gets in their way.

And if the warriors are only figurants, eggs and flour are real. Arm yourself with a helmet and shield if you don’t want to be floured!
In any case, as absurd as it may seem, the party is truly engaging. In a short time you will find yourself wrapped in clouds of flour and you will try to dodge the eggs and firecrackers in every way.

Els Enfarinats best events in December in Spain

Photo ©, Jose-Maria Moreno Garcia



The small town of Ibi is located about 40 kilometers north of Alicante.
From the latter, by car, you can arrive in about half an hour along the Autovia del Mediterrani.
For those wishing to use public transport, there is the L2B bus that leaves from Av. Salamanca and arrives in the center of Ibi.


The event is free and open to an audience of all ages, however the presence of children is highly discouraged. Despite being a goliardic party, attention must be paid to the eggs.

Do not go in the best clothes and if you are coming specifically for a day trip, bring a change.


On Monday 27 December, during the evening, the Enmantats (men wrapped in blankets) parade through the streets of Ibi. They tell parodies about the most significant events of the year and set the rules for the following day.

On Tuesday morning, after the competition to get hold of the symbol from the hands of the mayor of Ibi, the Enfarinats take over the city: the battle with eggs and flour begins in the main square of Ibi.
In a moment you will find yourself catapulted into a shower of eggs, flour and firecrackers!


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