Battle of the Oranges, historical carnival event in Italy, 23 25 February 2020

WHERE: Ivrea, Italy
WHEN: 23 – 25 February 2020

The Carnival of Ivrea it is what, more than any other, has managed to maintain a strong link with the Middle Ages. A party in which legend and myth come together. And it is in this context that the Battle of Oranges has assumed exceptional connotations, becoming an event of worldwide appeal.

The festival takes place over the last three days of the Carnival, starting from the last Sunday, until Shrove Tuesday.

Its origins, however uncertain they may be, should date back to the distant nineteenth century. However, it was only after World War II that the first teams of Aranceri and Carri da castare were born. And the myth has become reality.

The term itself is not misleading at all: what you will witness is a real battle …. to the last orange! The Piazza di Ivrea are home to the clashes. You will see parades, teams of land and various wagons, all decorated, pulled by horses. Each wagon carries a dozen bold figures, wearing padded costumes and scary masks with iron guards to repair their face: they are the Aranceri. With both hands, the Aranceri launch the fruit on those who make up the teams on the ground; the latter, however, will try to hit the face of the Aranceri, making sure that the juice entered their eyes!

Boldness, tenacity, courage, loyalty are the maximum expression of the Battle of Oranges. A special jury assigns the coveted prizes to the people who have shown their value. There are no episodes of intemperance, and injuries, more or less serious. Everything, is to give that charm of which the event is now renowned throughout the world.

Last act, the evening of Shrove Tuesday. On the squares of Ivrea, the scarli are fired, that is, the tall wooden antennas with a flag at the top.

The Battle of Oranges is, to all intents and purposes, one of the most incredible and extraordinary events to which you can attend, as well as the Italian carnival event par excellence. We of kanoa can not help but give us a jump. We are sure you will not regret it.

Battle of the Oranges

Photo ©, Baldo Simone



Ivrea is located in Piedmont, in northern Italy, about 200 kilometers from Geneva in Switzerland, and 350 from Lyon, in France. Turin-Caselle Airport, the closest to Ivrea, is just over 50 kilometers. Ideally, it would be to hire a car. Anyone wishing to use the means must arrive by bus at the Torino Porta Susa railway station; from here, the regional train allows you to reach Ivrea in about an hour.

Less viable, despite the distance is not too great, the nearby airports of Milan-Linate and Milan-Malpensa . Recommended solutions just in case you decide to rent the car. Otherwise, with the means, the travel times are of more than 3 hours because of the numerous changes.


Times are changing and even the small Piedmontese town, this year, pays special attention to the issue of security. for this reason, the maximum number of people that can circulate in the city, during the Historical Carnival Ivrea, will be 30 thousand people, in addition to residents.

There will be counting people and numerous checks at the access gates


Carnival is one of the most popular events in the city. Finding an accommodation in the center, considering the offer, is an almost impossible undertaking. Especially close to the event.

Even small localities such as Banchette or Pavone Canavese could easily be sold-out. Whoever wants, can search from here.

Given the approximately 50 kilometers away, our advice is to find a structure in Turin. Here, you will have ample choice and availability. Ideal solution especially in case you were self-driving. From this link, the accommodations for Turin, at the best price!