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Infiorate of Spello 2024, 01-02 June in Italy. Program, timetables

Infiorate of Spello 2024

WHERE: Spello, Italy
WHEN: 01 – 02 June 2024

Spello is a small Italian town in Umbria, not far from the Basilica of Assisi and Perugia.
In addition to being a beautiful and evocative village, Spello is also known as the “Village of Flowers“.

Every year, on the occasion of the Corpus Domini holiday, this beautiful village hosts one of the most evocative events in all of Italy, with magnificent floral decorations along a route of over 1500 metres.

Infiorate of Spello displays are one of the most spectacular floral events you can witness. You can admire true works of art made with fresh flowers present in nature. Carpets and floral paintings which are true works of art, the result of the work of the greatest local masters.

It is said that in Spello people work all year round for this fateful day. And never was a truer statement.

Infiorate of Spello



Spello is a small Italian town in the province of Perugia about 170km from Rome. Anyone wishing to reach the village by public transport must arrive by train in Foligno and, from here, continue by bus.

Arriving by car is therefore the preferable method to attend the Infiorate of Spello.
The event is literally taken by storm by tourists and it is absolutely recommended to book parking in advance on the official website.
Booking parking is also important for another aspect: it guarantees access to the event in the event that the maximum limit of visitors is reached based on current legislation.


The complete program officially starts on Saturday 25 May 2024 with the opening of the Infiorate Museum at 10:30 in Piazza della Repubblica. This is followed during the week by exhibitions, music and Holy Mass.
The key event, naturally, takes place between Saturday 01 and Sunday 02 June 2024.
This is the most beautiful and evocative moment in which, from 9pm in the evening, you can admire all the works created and in progress by the master flower arrangers.

It will be possible to see them all night long, until 11am on Sunday morning, when the procession begins.

There will also be exhibitions, museums, shops and bars open all night!


To attend the Infiorate of Spello you do not need an entrance ticket. The flower displays are always FREE for all visitors.


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