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London transport tickets to travel on metro tram bus. Prices, type

London transport tickets

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The Capital’s tariff system is based on two fundamental elements: the time and the number of areas crossed.

In London there are 9 different tariff zones. Zone 1 is the most central one. Increasing the number also increases the distance from the center. In a short vacation, in all likelihood, it will be sufficient to buy London transport tickets for zones 1-2. Beyond zone 6, you go far from the center. Areas 7 to 9 are served almost exclusively by the Metropolitan Line (Magenta).

Another element on which the cost of London transport tickets is based is the timetable. The highest rate (peak) is charged between 06.30 and 09.30 and 16.00 and 19.00. In the other time intervals, a lower rate will be paid (off-peak).


London transport Tickets


The best method for traveling on public transport in the Capital. The Oyster Card is an electronic ticket, whose credit, loaded in advance, allows you to travel by metro, bus, Overground and National Rail trains, southern trams …
The price of the Oyster is £ 5 (refundable at the end of the stay), to which you must add credit for traveling on London public transport. You can recharge it at the main metro stations, and buy it directly at Gatwick Airport.

The Oyster card allows an obvious saving compared to paper tickets and, for this reason, it is the best solution for public transport. You pay for each trip, but with a daily spending limit: the DAILY CAP


These are mostly paper subscriptions, valid for traveling indifferently throughout the day, until 04.30 on the following day. There are different types of cards, based on the number of days and areas crossed.

The 1 Day Travelcard is a daily paper subscription that allows you to travel as much as you want, and without frequency limits, over the course of a day. This day ticket can be used on buses, metro, DLR, trams, and on the MBNA Thames Clippers river boats, on the Overground and on most of the railway lines that travel within London.
The weekly pass for London public transport is called 7 Day Travelcard: it is not available in paper form, but only uploaded on an Oyster card. To take advantage of this weekly ticket, just buy an Oyster card and load a 7 Day Travelcard on it.


If you plan to travel in zones 1-2, the Visitor Oyster card will always be cheaper than the Travelcard. The daily price cap applied to the Visitor Oyster ensures that you never spend more than £7.40 per day, instead of the £13.90 of the 1day Travelcard. For zones 1-5, the Oyster’s cap is £12.70, instead of £19.60.

The weekly version for zones 1-2 always costs £37.00, available only on the Oyster Card.

To travel on buses and trams, the price will always be £1.55, only with the Oyster Card (the daily cap for buses and trams is £4.65). Keep in mind that it is not possible to buy the ticket on board the vehicle.


Simple and immediate, with contactless payment you can pay the exact fare for your bus and tram journey. All credit cards with contactless functionality (the symbol is imprinted on the card), and enabled mobile devices (Apple Pay, Google Pay…) are valid.

All you have to do is place your card on the reader at the beginning of the journey, and then at the end.

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