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Views of London from above from free, payment. Admire London

Views of London

London is a truly fascinating and suggestive city. Every corner and every glimpse is able to give truly unique glances.

The best views of London, however, are from above. Thanks to the many observation points you can admire a truly wonderful skyline. Then imagine it at sunset… really exciting

London Eye and The Shard are probably the most famous attractions for admiring London from above. Beautiful and evocative attractions but far from cheap.

You don’t have to pay to enjoy the best views of London. The alternatives are really many and one more beautiful than the other.



Best views of London from London Eye

London Eye, despite its very young age, almost immediately became the symbol of London. A bit like the Eiffel Tower is in Paris.
A global success that literally overturned the initial strategy (inaugurated in March 2000, it would be dismantled within a few years).

Only 23 years of life for an attraction that initially shouldn’t have been permanent. A global success that none of the organizers had even remotely foreseen.
Today it is one of the iconic places in London, as well as the most visited paid attraction in Great Britain! Every year, around 4 million people set foot on this incredible attraction.

London Eye offers the best views of London: during the 30-minute tour you can admire Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Saint Paul, Westminster Abbey, among others. On nice days, you can range from miles away.
More info from here.


The Shard London

Often, one of the biggest doubts of visitors concerns the choice between the London Eye and The Shard.
Better one or the other.
The London Eye is a winning choice especially if you are on holiday with children. The glass capsules and the Ferris wheel are decidedly more particular and attractive.

From the Shard, you’ll have the opportunity to take great photos of the London skyline; you will be able to admire St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Westminter from above.
The panoramic view is located at the top, on floors 68, 69 and 72, almost twice the height of any other platform in London. Don’t miss level 72, the highest.
More info from here.


Walkway glass Tower Bridge London

Photo ©, Diamond Geezer

Another iconic place in the capital, particularly appreciated during the day and especially in the evening when everything is lit up. By purchasing the ticket you can go up the walkways with a glass bridge crossing with views even below!
Entertainment also at the opening of the bridge (on the official website you can find out the times when the bridge rises).
Beautiful views of London from the top of Tower Bridge, from 09.00 until sunset.
Tickets from this link.



Skygarden and best Views of London from abovewebp

Nicknamed “walkie talkie” for its particular shape, Sky Garden is an immense skyscraper that offers a crazy view of the city from the top of its 35th floor.
As with the Shard, you take a fast elevator that takes you to the viewpoint in a real tropical garden with plants and greenery.
360-degree view of the capital, to be admired especially at sunset.
Free admission but reservations on the official site are required, categorically indicating the time slot and date of entry (non-modifiable). Book your tickets at least 30 days in advance because they are literally snapped up.

It is within walking distance of London Bridge, about 10 minutes walk from Tower Bridge.
Open every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 10. If you book the restaurant, you can access the facility even after closing hours.


The Garden at 120 London

It is less than 10 minutes’ walk from the Skygarden on Fenchurch Street.
It is an excellent alternative to the Skygarden, with a smaller height.
The London skyline, however, is truly stunning. Free admission without any reservation.
On the top floor you can walk through a suggestive garden with a crazy view of the city.
Here too you can enjoy the best views of London from above.
Open every day from 10:00 to 17:00 (in summer until 21).


Another iconic place in London. Walk it towards Saint Paul after dark, when the bridge and all of London are lit up. You can admire the beautiful dome in front and, on the sides, the city and Tower Bridge all illuminated. A real show!


Saint Paul from Tate Modern

A beautiful art museum, interesting and, above all, free. In addition to admiring the works on display, on the sixth floor of the Tate Modern you will have a beautiful view of London and Saint Paul from above.


This is the charming hill north of Regent’s Park. A place, among other things, much loved by stars and celebrities who have taken root in these parts.
It is a particularly relaxing, peaceful and less chaotic place than the more renowned royal parks.
From the top of the 78m hill, the best views of London and a beautiful skyline await you.

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