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Most beautiful Carnival parties 2024 in the world. Rio Tenerife

Most beautiful Carnival parties

What are the most beautiful carnival parties in the world? Difficult to find an answer that will satisfy everyone.
Every place has its own story. Its charm. Its tradition.

Of course, when it comes to Carnival, the first thought, almost always, is aimed at Brazil. And it could not be otherwise.
The sumptuous parades. Street parties. The dancers and especially the dancers with the typical movements … to the samba rhythm.
Yet, all over the world there are celebrations of great appeal. Some, little or nothing, have to be envied at the Rio Carnival.

Here you are, below, our personal Top Ten


10 – Notting Hill and Port of Spain
So far, so close.
The first is the Carnival that invades the streets of one of the most famous areas of London: Notting Hill. The second is the oldest carnival in the Caribbean.
Ex aequo for those that can be considered, in all respects, the most beautiful carnival parties in Caribbean style. Lights, bright colors and lots of music with incredible parades and dancing masks. Feathers, spangles and a lot of fun.
The peculiarity of Notting Hill is the fact that the festivities take place in the middle of summer, on 25th and 26th August 2024.

09 – Nice

King of Carnival
Over two weeks of shows, battles of flowers, absurd characters. The Nice Carnival it is one of the most anticipated winter events of the whole Côte d’Azur; certainly, one of the most beautiful carnival parties in Europe.
Besides 1000 musicians, dancers and artists from every corner of the world, will animate the traditional parades, day and night.
Carnival, in these parts, is a vocation, a passion. Appointment from 17 February to 03 March 2024.

08 – Cadiz
The most amusing, satirical, irreverent Carnival party on the Iberian Peninsula, probably from all over Europe.
Password, at Cadiz Carnival, it’s humor. An opportunity to dilute and deal with, with a purely satirical vein, the problems that have plagued, and continue and rage in Spain.
Eleven days of partying and revelry, from 08th February, with banquets, gastronomic events and lots of music and dancing in perfect Andalusian style.

07 – Mardi Gras New Orleans
The name could generate confusion and let imagine a single day dedicated to its majesty the Carnival. Quite the contrary. The Mardi Gras starts already from the epiphany, because it is a whole season consecrated to the Carnival.
Great sceneries. Majestic parades. Parades. Balli. Receptions … and many events that, especially in the last week, invade all of New Orleans. Without

06 – Binche
There is no place like Binche, all over the world! This is what the locals say. And the festivities of the Binche Carnival, they have a special place, around here. So much to deserve, in the 2003, the recognition of “Masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity” by UNESCO.
What makes Binche Carnival truly unique is its originality and authenticity, which has always distinguished it, and the strong commitment of family companies. Some costumes, are really unique and among the oldest, and original.

It is celebrated for just 3 days, from Sunday 11th to Tuesday 13th February 2024.

05 – Cologne

Cologne Carnival Parade

Spring, summer, autumn, winter … and carnival.
Just like that.
In Cologne the seasons are 5 because the Carnival, in these parts, it is considered the 5a season of the year.
An event that starts the day 11/11 at 11:11 in point, in Heumarkt, reaching the climax during the so-called “Crazy days”, starting from Thursday fat.
An event in which the limits are represented by your imagination.
Il Cologne Carnival is, without a doubt, the most amusing, crazy, and colorful party in the whole country. An event whose origins date back to the Middle Ages, if not earlier.

04 – Basel
An “out of the ordinary” Carnival halfway between spontaneous event and organized event.
They call him here Frau Fasnacht.
An event that, by its own uniqueness, has been recognized by UNESCO, the intangible heritage of humanity! Rightly considered one of the best carnival parties in Switzerland.
It starts at 04:00 in the morning, with an evocative march, lit by two hundred lanterns, in total darkness. Really wonderful!

03 – Venice

Italian Carnival of Venice

Venice and the Carnival, an indissoluble couple.
No city in the world, can better enhance the traditional costume party. It will be for its atmosphere. It will be for the evocative charm of the lagoon … There is no doubt that those who love this party, can certainly not miss the Venice Carnival. One of the most popular events, and appreciated, and among the most beautiful carnival parties in the world.
An event in which masks, and disguises, are the real protagonists.
It officially starts on January 27, 2024.
02 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Crazy enough. Transgressive like few others can be. And, in the center, the election of the Carnival Queen.
Extraordinary parades, parades and lots of street celebrations with artists, dancers, dancers, drag queens. A riot of lights, colors for one of the most beautiful carnival parties.

01 – Rio de Janeiro
And here, we are in the first place among the most beautiful carnival parties in the world.
Lights. Colors. Sounds. Rhythm.
Raise your hand if you have not fantasized, at least once in your life, on the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.
One of the most famous and important events in the world, which transforms the whole city into an immense samba track. This is the Carnival par excellence. The most incredible, spectacular, and extravagant party in the world.
The event to which everyone should participate, at least once in their life.


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