Cadiz Carnival, 20 February - 01 March 2020. Guide and practical infos

Cadiz Carnival

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WHERE: Cadiz, Spain
WHEN: 20 February – 01 March 2020

The most amusing, satirical, irreverent Carnival party on the Iberian Peninsula, probably from all over Europe.
A party in which the keyword is humor. An opportunity to temper and face, with a purely satirical vein, the problems that have plagued, and continue and rage in Spain.
And, in this, the party reflects the soul of the population.

The Carnival of Cadiz is one of the oldest and most important of all of Spain, probably second only to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In the latter case, however, since it is the Canary Islands, you have to get away a lot from the mainland.

The Carnival of Cadiz is a rather expected event. It lasts exactly 11 days, starting from 20 February 2020 but, the preparations, begin, more or less officially, already a month before the fateful date. In this period, in fact, the city dresses up with banquets, gastronomic events and lots of music and dancing in perfect Andalusian style.
And if this is not enough, after the 01st March, Carnival Chiquito begins with two more days of celebration, in Cadiz.



During the Carnival of Cadiz, one moves exclusively on foot. The city, moreover, boasts a particularly reduced extension. In every corner is a party. Every place is good for partying.


Cadiz Carnival

Photo ©, Canal Sur Radio y Television

A disguise is required to take part in the Carnival. Even a single mask is sufficient. Maybe, you can paint your face with a simple lipstick. After all, it would be the minimum to enter the spirit of the Feast.

The music, and the often sharp words, are one of the characteristics of the Carnival of Cadiz. The Chirigotas they are humorous groups that perform humorous songs. Throughout the period, you will see them invade the city center. THE Choirs, instead, they are singing groups that can boast over 20 members. They perform every day in the city with the most elaborate costumes of all.
The whole city is invaded by the unconditional party spirit. Impossible not to let go. Wherever it is party. Flamenco and the South American rhythms are inevitable. Space, even, to jazz and rock music. And of course, a lot of local gastronomy. Do not miss the Saturday of Piñata, the great one Panizada Popular, with free tasting of traditional panizas.

Also not to be missed is the great parade of the first Sunday of the Carnival. Processions, carts and a fantastic fireworks display in The Caleta.


Thursday 20. The day of the official opening of the Cadiz Carnival 2019. The highlight will be the lighting of the illuminations, the so-called Lighting.
Friday 21. Proclamation of the Carnival Queen.
Saturday 22. It is the first day of fun with the Caravel of the choirs of Puerta Tierra and the contest of the storytellers, or Romanceros.
Sunday 23. Carousel of choirs, and Chirigotas in the center of Cadiz. Do not miss the big parade and the Fireworks in La Caleta
Monday 24: carousels of choirs and tablaos in the center.
Tuesday 25. The day of Shrove Tuesday with parties and events throughout the day. From Wednesday 26 to Friday 28. Exhibitions and concerts throughout the city.
Saturday 29. The so-called Saturday of Piñata with concerts and, above all, the inevitable Panizada Popular.
Sunday 01 March. Great conclusion of the Cadiz Carnival 2020. Choruses, exhibitions, children’s parties, fireworks in La Caleta, Fire of the Piti Strega and … fritto popular await you.


The advice is to look for facilities as close to the center as possible, without spending too much. To be successful, you have to book well in advance of the start date of the Cadiz Carnival. Precisely in this period, the demand is particularly high and finding available facilities becomes particularly complicated.
Compass Rose It is located in the historic center of Cadiz, 400 m from La Caleta beach and 4,4 km from Playa de la Victoria.
Rooms have a shared bathroom. Rosa de los Vientos offers free WiFi and a shared kitchen. Double rooms just under € 70 per night. Info and reservations from here.
Alternative, centrally located, is the Pensión La Cantarera with average prices just above 70 € per night.

Dormir en Cádiz it is located a few steps from the tourist places of the city, in the historical center, in a picturesque neighborhood. It offers a rooftop terrace and a patio with tables and chairs and free Wi-Fi in all areas.
The bright rooms at Dormir en Cádiz come with latex mattresses, bed linen and towels, a wardrobe and a desk. Bathrooms can be shared or private.
At 300 meters away you will find numerous bars and restaurants, the beach is just a 4 minute walk away, while the nearest bus stop is at 400 meters away. Info and reservations from this link.

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