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February events 2024. The best festivals worldwide in January

February Events

From Venice to Nice, passing through Prague or the small Belgian town of Binche. February is synonymous with Carnival. Many cities, all over the world, organize incredible parties, parades and parades.

Of course, between major capitals and small villages, you will be spoiled for choice.


Cover of the month, however, for a truly unique and incredible event: the feast of Naked Man / Hadaka Matsuri, in Japanese Okayama. In this festival, in which over three hundred thousand spectators take part (!!!), you will witness an authentic race that will bring each contender to challenge pains, abrasions, bruises to be the chosen one. You will see the contenders trying to grab a branch that hangs from the ceiling to take the typical Mochi (traditional sweets). Not just one of the best events of February, but probably one of the most curious and incredible festivals in the world.

February Events
Remaining, however, on the theme of Carnival, among the best events of February, certainly can not miss Venice. No city in the world, can better enhance the traditional costume party. It will be for its atmosphere. It will be for the evocative charm of the lagoon … There is no doubt that those who love this party, can certainly not miss the Venice Carnival. It is one of the most popular and appreciated events in the world. Equally unmissable, however, the beautiful choreography of Viareggio that transform the city into an outdoor carnival museum. Italy alone boasts an impressive list from north to south: from Ivrea, passing through Putignano, up to Acireale in beautiful Sicily. You will be spoiled for choice.

Nice, on the other hand, will open its doors to visitors, starting from the second half of the month. Of course, the Carnival on the French Riviera represents one of the most important events of February; as well as one of the most anticipated events of the winter. In a scenic and evocative setting, over two weeks of shows, flower battles and absurd characters await you.

And, if you have booked a holiday on the French Riviera, in this period, do not miss a trip to Menton, not far from Nice. The renowned Lemon Festival, It’s just as beautiful. But, do not talk about it: the two cities have always rivaled, and their inhabitants are rather jealous. We are sure that you will enjoy both parties. Every city, all over the world, has its inevitable party. Rio de Janeiro. Basel. Cadiz. From this link, the ideal ranking of the not to be missed carnival parties in the world.

Even music lovers, this month, will have interesting alternatives to focus on. In Prague, the 16 and 17, do not miss the Let It Roll Winter Festival, without a doubt, one of the most interesting events of February., as well, among the most important “Drum And Bass” Festivals in the world!

You say Flamenco and you immediately think of Andalusia. Right here, this true form of art finds its maximum expression.

If you want to attend the most important Flamenco festival in the world, you will have to stop in Jerez de la Frontera, a beautiful city in the heart of Andalusia, about 100km from the splendid Seville.
Every year, the city hosts the Jerez Festival, an event that attracts numerous spectators and media from all over the country. This year it reaches its 28th edition. We start on February 23, 2024 with Sara Baras, who will inaugurate the festival with her new preview show.

Turning to gastronomy, on 10 and 11 Amsterdam hosts the unmissable Chocoa Festival, a festival that combines taste and sustainability. Two days of the fair and tastings, forums, workshops, academies and even award ceremonies await you at the Festival. And it is, of course, an excellent excuse to visit one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe!
On the last weekend of February, the 16 best restaurants in the city come together in the most anticipated gastronomic event of the year: Taste of Dubai. An event that combines gastronomy, entertainment and lots of good music, from morning until late evening.
Appointment with the best starred chefs, with laboratories and workshops.


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