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Viareggio Carnival 2024, 03 - 24 February. Best parties in Italy

Viareggio Carnival

WHERE: Viareggio, Italy
WHEN: from 03 to 24 February 2023

An event that has roots rooted in time, where art and tradition blend perfectly.
The Carnival par excellence that, over the years, has managed to enhance itself, renewing itself and introducing important innovations. This year ready to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

Today, the Viareggio Carnival is considered one of the most important events in Europe. A celebration that embodies the very essence of the Viareggio people, particularly linked to their traditions. Since 1873, year of the very first edition of the event.

Here, everything is art. Starting from papier-mâché. Simple materials such as water, glue, chalk and paper, are transformed into real works of art, on display along the walkway to the sea and even in a citadel, which can be visited all year round. Because, Carnival, around here is much more than just a party.

Exhibitions. Permanent museums and even a football tournament, a showcase for promising players of the future. And, of course, lots of events and fun including masked courses, great shows, pyrotechnic shows and local festivals …

In Viareggio, the carnival lasts all year. This explains, therefore, the creation of a large Carnival Citadel and, inside, the interesting Museum of Carnival. A cutting-edge complex that offers workshops, workshops, workshops and activities, all focused on carnival. All the year.

So, do not delay and choose one of the most beautiful and spectacular Italian Carnivals. An event that will certainly give a lot of emotions to visitors of all ages.

Viareggio Carnival



You can reach the city easily, by plane, landing at Pisa airport. Every day, bus connections are guaranteed with the city, with the E25 ViaBus extra-urban line. Alternatively, you can rent a car directly at the airport, and reach Viareggio.

The city is also served by a convenient, efficient road network. You can arrive by car, from all directions.


Papier-mâché giants parade along the catwalk every year. The Masked courses represent one of the most anticipated and spectacular events of the Viareggio Carnival. All made by skilled master craftsmen, tall over 20 meters, to amaze all visitors. You can admire 6 of them, from 03 to 24 February 2024, which parade along Piazza Mazzini.
After the triple shot of cannon, you will see parading majestic, and spectacular, allegorical floats, between music and dancing. At the end of the Masked Opening and closing Courses, there will be a fantastic fireworks display.

The Local festivals, represent, instead, the essence of popular tradition. During certain weekends, whole neighborhoods offer visitors a lot of entertainment including dancing, singing, music, and an interesting gastronomic offer.

For the whole month of February, guided tours of the Museo and Cartapesta laboratories are organized in the Cittadella of Carnival.


Here is the official program and timetables of the Masked Courses of the Viareggio Carnival:

  • Saturday 03 February, from 15:00, Opening Ceremony. Following, at 16:00, the 1st Masked Course; at the end, a fireworks display.
  • Thursday 08, 6:00 pm, II Masked Course (by night). Entrance with speciale fare ticket for everyone.
  • Sunday 11, 15:00, III Masked Course.
  • Tuesday 13, from 17:00 the IV Masked Course (by night).
  • Sunday 18, V Masked Course of Shrove Tuesday, from 15:00.
  • Saturday 24, at 17:00, last Masked Course and final closing ceremony of the Carnival and fireworks display.

Italian Carnival of Viareggio


To attend the Masked Courses you need to buy a special ticket, available in different versions. The ticket offices are located in Viale Margherita, near the pier, and on the side opposite to Viale Marconi.

  • The standard ticket to watch the parade standing up costs €22.00 for adults, and €16.50 for children up to 14 years of age. It offers access for a fixed, non-modifiable date.
  • The TRIBUNE ticket costs 45€. There are no discounts or reductions. It offers access on a fixed, non-modifiable date, with numbered seating in the grandstand.
  • The Open Ticket offers access to any masked course. Just show up at the entrance, on one of the days of your choice. It costs €25.00 per person.
  • Pass. Admission to all 6 masked courses, at a cost of €45.00 per person.
  • Special Ticket February 16th. Valid exclusively to attend the Masked Course on Thursday 08 February 2024. It costs €15.00 for adults and children in the standard version, and €25.00 with a numbered seat in the grandstand.

To enter the Carnival Museum, the ticket costs €5. Free for children up to 11 years.


All children up to 120cm in height enter for free when accompanied by a paying adult.

People with disabilities enter for free with a special ticket to be collected at the entrance, subject to verification of their condition. Accompanying persons access by paying the reduced rate.

*The program, timetable and all information contained herein are for information purposes only and are not to be considered OFFICIAL.

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