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Carnival of Acireale 2024, 28 January - 13 February, in Italy

Carnival of Acireale

WHERE: Acireale (Sicily), Italy
WHEN: from 28 January to 13 February 2024

The oldest Carnival in Sicily, and among the most beautiful in all of Italy.
Word of “The Guardian” which in 2017 included it among the 10 most beautiful alternative Carnival parties in Europe.
The Carnival of Acireale is spectacular, fun, colorful, lively.
Since 1594, the year in which we have the first documented news of its existence.

There are extraordinary allegorical floats, with beautifully decorated papier-mâché figures. The subjects, as per tradition, concern topics of satire and social customs, often current.
Alongside the allegorical floats, there is space for the beautiful flowered floats, once the prerogative of a special party, and from 2020 incorporated into the Carnival of Acireale.
Lights and mechanical movements characterize the floats that parade through the streets of the city.

Acireale the most beautiful Carnival in Sicily

Photo ©, Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

To complete the show, incredible miniature floats, also ready to parade during the celebrations. Real small works of art, made in a truly impressive and meticulous way!

A truly wonderful show in which the great tradition and skilled Sicilian craftsmanship reaches its maximum expression. The skill of these “tankers” is now recognized nationally.

The most beautiful Carnival, therefore, awaits you in February in Sicily: a real theater of wonders which, as they say in these parts, is the best recipe for good humor.


The baroque Piazza del Duomo is the hub of the Acireale Carnival. Many of the floats come to life just as they pass through the historic square. For over 40 years, the circuit has crossed Piazza Duomo and the three most important streets of the city: Corso Italia, Corso Savoia and Corso Umberto.

To watch the fashion shows, you can enter only through the special gates. Accesses are monitored.


Carnival of Acireale

Photo ©, Alessandro Grussu

The highlight of the festival takes place from Thursday 08th to Tuesday 13st February 2024 (Shrove Tuesday).
On Sunday 28th January and 03rd February there will be, as usual, a first “taste” of the Carnival with the parade of allegorical floats.
Parade in style, however, on Thursdays, last Sundays and Shrove Tuesdays. The latter, with the parade of flowered floats, represents the highlight of the Carnival. Official closing with the fireworks and the fire of the Carnival King.

The program is not limited to fashion shows alone. The competition of the best floats rewards the most beautiful in different categories. There is also the prize for the most beautiful isolated masks.

For the little ones, fun is guaranteed by the presence of a small funfair, generally installed in Largo Francesco Vecchio.


To attend the parades and shows of the Carnival of Acireale, you need to buy a special Day ticket at a cost of €6.
Tickets can be purchased at the 5 box offices located throughout the circuit.

FREE entry for children up to one meter tall, disabled people and their companions.


Inaugurated in 2019, the Carnival Museum is the ideal place to get to know the whole history of this extraordinary event up close.
The museum exhibits the manufacturing processes, metal frames of masks, plaster casts, miniature floats, sketches, but also very valuable pieces such as the Rosary of the Acese Cathedral made by Rosario Lizio and the detail of Palazzo Musumeci, by Natale Longo.
The museum is located inside the Palazzo del Turismo, in via Ruggero Settimo 5.

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