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Hamburg Port Festival 2024. Hafengeburstag from 09 to 12 May

Hamburg Port Festival

WHERE: Hamburg, Germany
WHEN: from 09 to 12 May 2024

Hamburg is a truly fascinating and evocative city. Walking through the streets of the city, it is evident, even to the eye of the most distracted visitor, that water is the predominant element. And, it is certainly no coincidence that the most important port in all of Germany is located right here.

This year, on May, the anniversary of Porto is back to be celebrated. Hafengeburtstag is the most important maritime festival in the world. The celebrations take place in the Landungsbrücken area, in the Speicherstadt warehouse district, and along the new HafenCity district.

The Hamburg Port Festival dates back to 1189. Emperor Frederick Barbarossa granted, with a special charter, freedom from customs duties for all ships crossing the Elbe, from Hamburg to the North Sea. Since then, the date has remained indelibly engraved in the memory. Hence, the birth of the Hafengeburtstag. It was, however, only at the end of the 1970s that the festival took on its current connotation.

Hafengeburtstag Hamburg

This year, the 834th anniversary of the Port is celebrated. An edition that truly promises to leave its mark with truly unique events, shows and activities, in 4 days. You can admire luxury cruise ships, historic ships, military ships. And, again, incredible boats, luxury yachts, tugs and more. The Maritime Festival is, by now, a reference in the world panorama. During the previous editions, the number of visitors exceeded the one million mark!



Three days of pure fun and entertainment for everyone. The list of maritime and land attractions is truly impressive. Below, the absolutely unmissable events.


The two large opening and closing parades are events not to be missed. Thursday 09 May, from 15:00 to 16:00, the grand arrival parade. Sunday 12, the closing parade. About 300 boats present. At the arrival parade, the boats will be greeted with the traditional greeting.

The official beginning of the event is represented by the international ecumenical mass. It takes place in the splendid St. Michael Church, near the port. Appointment Thursday, at 14 o’clock. It starts with the motto “Land in Sicht”, that is, “Keep in sight”.


Hamburg Port Festival Hafengeburstag

Photo ©, Dontpanic

About 350 stands are ready to delight you, along the banks of the Elba River, with gastronomic specialties from all over the world. Maritime markets, activities and workshops, spaces for children, rides and much more. Plus, there will be lots of live music and FREE concerts ready to entertain you. The performances range from pop, to rock and even heavy metal! The whole promenade turns into one big and huge party. Fun is guaranteed.

Appointment Friday and Saturday, from 10:00 to 24:00. Sunday, from 10:00 to 21:00.


From the majestic Kruzenshtern, Mir, Sedov and Alexander von Humboldt II, to carefully restored museum ships such as the sea tugs Elbe and Holland and the Borkumriff lighthouse. And, again, the Augusta frigate, the service ships of the waterways police, the fire brigade, the customs and other authorities and institutions. You will be welcomed on board to visit these fantastic boats. You will also have the opportunity to witness, live, the parades on some barges and ships. Really impressive.

Thrills will not be lacking, then, with dragon boat races and sailing regattas in Grasbrookhafen.


The highlight will certainly be the fireworks display of fireworks, Friday 10, at 09:30 pm sharp. Twenty minutes of fireworks that will keep all visitors with their noses upwards!

Sunday 12 May, from 16:30 the grand closing parade of the Hamburg Port Festival 2024.


Staying in the port area could be particularly problematic, booking close to the event. Quite limited availability, and really high prices. We recommend extending your search to the whole of Hamburg, considering the particular efficiency of local public transport. Our advice is to find a structure near the bus stops. Through this link, You can search for the best hotels in Hamburg at the best price.

*All contents are purely indicative. Before attending the event, please consult the official website

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