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Getting around Hamburg by metro S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus, bikes, taxi

Getting around Hamburg

Urban transport is well managed by the HVV company through an efficient integrated system on rail, road and even ferries. Like all German metropolises, in this city too particular attention is paid to bicycles; in fact, there are numerous cycle paths.

Tickets can be purchased based on the area and type. Depending on the time of your stay, we recommend the 1-day central zone ticket, or the 3-day pass.


The busiest and most interconnected service in the city is represented by the U-Bahn and S-Bahn. The Unterbahn (underground) serves the central area; the Schnellbahn (light railway), on the other hand, operates mainly in the suburbs. They are the ideal means of getting around Hamburg.

Both lines are distinguished by color and number. Often, using rail transport, you will find the USAR (or U / S / A / R) abbreviation which collects four types of service: U-Bahn, S-Bahn, AKN and regional trains. Tickets must ALWAYS be purchased before boarding and can be used in combination with buses.

The timetables differ according to the line and, above all, the day, extending over the weekend even throughout the night.

Getting around Hamburg by train


Road transport is organized by MetroBus, SchnellBus, regional and others.
The numbers of the Metrobuses are red on a white background, those of the city and regional buses are white on a red background. As well as those of the SchnellBus, which however bear the inscription “SchnellBus”: to travel on these means, you have to pay an additional fee.

The buses run all day, from morning until late evening. After 11 pm the night lines, called “Nachtbus”, operate. that connect the center and the suburbs. The buses run all night, with Diu frequencies around 30′, and depart and arrive at the “Rathausmarkt”, near the town hall.


In the city there are 6 ferry lines that are part of the public transport system. Ideal for moving around Hamburg and, above all, for a fascinating panoramic tour of the city. This is the case, for example, of line 62, which passes through the picturesque harbor, from Landungsbrücken to Finkenwerder.


Official taxis are easily identified by the presence of the logo at the top and the taximeter inside. Generally they are stationed in important areas such as the airport, port and central railway station. They can be caught “on the fly”, or on the street in the areas marked out by a green signal on a pole.
It starts from a basic rate of €2.80 to which you must add the cost for each kilometer traveled. For a trip to the center, during the day, the fare is usually around €10.


As mentioned, even in Hamburg great importance is given to “two wheels”. StadtRad is the automatic bicycle rental service that allows you to rent a bike at any of the special points scattered around the city. At these stations you will find an electronic “totem”: by credit card, you can register for the rental system, at a cost of 5 euros. A great eco-friendly way to get around Hamburg.

Up to 4 bicycles can be taken for each registration; the rental cost is initially deducted from the 5 euros for registration. The first half hour of rental is free, then you pay 10 cents for each minute of use. For 24 hours the rental costs 15 euros.
Bikes can be picked up and / or parked in any of the available parking stations. Every time you take the bike, you must log in to the totem with the credit card used for registration.

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