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Weekend in Hamburg. What to do and see. Best places, museums, POI

Weekend in Hamburg

As soon as we arrive in Hamburg, the character of the city with a maritime vocation is immediately clear. The city, in fact, can count on the presence of well 2302 bridges. But Hamburg is also famous for being a city of art and culture; a cosmopolitan center, with a lively and very fashionable night life.


Weekend in Hamburg

Start your WEEKEND IN Hamburg from the beautiful and baroque St. Michaelis, a place of worship, and a true symbol of the city. The Church is located in the district of Krayenkamp, near the underground stations of Rodingsmarkt and Stadthausbrucke. Beautiful interiors and majestic Campanile, which we recommend the climb: from its 132 meters, you will enjoy a unique and incredible view of the entire city.

A walk of a few hundred meters will take you from Ludwig Erhard Strasse towards the city center, that is to sayAlstadt. Most of the old city buildings are housed here, including the Town hall, that is the ancient Town Hall. Built in neo-Renaissance style, it consists of 647 halls and a tall tower over 110 meters; it is the seat of the Government of the Land and of the City Parliament (from Monday to Thursday 10-15; Friday to Sunday from 10 to 13).
Behind the building is Die Borse, which is worth a quick visit.


Photo, 2013 Oxfordian Kissuth

Head to Jungfernstieg, with its elegant shops on one side and the walk on the other. It is a real must, with many clubs and always packed with tourists. There Binnestaler, with its characteristic spray fountain, clearly visible, gives a magical aspect to the city; especially at this time. From here, boats also leave, allowing you to take a ride on the two basins, if you wish. Do not miss the Alsterpavillon (picture above); it is a café-restaurant of the 1799, several times renovated.


Get ready for a rich and intense day. With the metro head towards Hauptbahnof Nord, to stop in the great museum Kunsthalle, which represents the beginning of the way Kunstmeile Hamburg, the “mile of art”, home to the city’s biggest cultural centers.

There are works of painting and sculpture from the Middle Ages to the half of the ‘900: you will find works by German, Flemish, Dutch artists, even collections of French impressionists (open every day, except Mondays, from 10 to 18; costs 12€ and discounts for families). For info on collections and timetables you can consult the official website of the structure from which it is possible to buy the entrance ticket without queuing (site in English).

Now continue along the renowned Mönckebergstrasse, the shopping street with department stores and shops. In the immediate vicinity, there are two of the main religious buildings in Hamburg: the Gothic St.Jacobi and the Church of St. Petri. In the latter is the oldest work of art in the city: The head-shaped knocker of the main door dated 1342.

We recommend a break to have lunch in the neighborhood, or alternatively, along one of the bars that flank the Binnelstaler. If you had not done the previous day, take a ride on one of the boats, or return to your hotel to relax while waiting for the night of fun that awaits you.

Reeperbahn Hamburg

Hamburg, in fact, in addition to being a city of art and culture, is, at the same time, a metropolis of unbridled and fun nightlife. Few people know this, but one of the largest red-light districts in Europe is housed in the city. The district of Hamburg, it is the clear and glaring example, the central point of entertainment and small hours with the famous Reeperbahn; almost a kilometer of bars, live shows and theaters for an evening of pure fun.

Do not miss a visit to the side Große Freiheit (great freedom), center of night clubs with sex shows and striptease. It has become famous, above all, for the Star Club (devastated after a fire) where the Beatles began their career. In this road do not miss to visit the Club Indra or alternatively the Kaiserkeller. In the district you arrive with the U-Bahn underground, stop St. Pauli or with the S-Bahn, stop Reeperbahn.

Hamburg Road

If you are on a trip among boys, passing the Davidwache, we reach the Herbertstraße; it is a small road protected by curious looks in which only men can enter. A billboard at the entrance to the street warns: “Entry forbidden to young males under 18 years and to women”. Here you will find prostitutes displayed in the windows of the ground floor, like objects in a shop window.

There is a sort of guide for this part of the city called Herentour, which literally means “Via Delle Puttane”; it is a path within the red light area. It is possible to book the online visit through this link (reservation required).


The day of departure is never very easy, especially if, having followed our advice, you will have left behind a crazy night. So, better relax, perhaps along the canal Nikolaifleet, one of the most evocative places in the city, and its Hohe Brücke (Ponte Alto) at the end of the road.

Then, head towards the Speicherstadt, where you will find a picturesque atmosphere with cobbled streets, pediments and turrets; you will feel like you are in a world apart from the city. Do not miss a visit to the noisy fish market, which can add liveliness to a day full of pleasure. And if this were not enough, there are buildings in the shape of cruise ships, in addition to the brand new and emerging neighborhood of HafenCity.

Alternatively, from the Central Station, if you had the whole day available, you could try an excursion to the nearby Lübeck. It is just over an hour away; we are sure you will not regret it.

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