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Guy Fawkes Night 2023, 05th November. The english Bonfire Night

Guy Fawkes Night

WHERE: Lewes, Great Britain.
WHEN: 05 November 2023

In the distant 1605 a conspiracy was ordered against James I of England; the attempt to blow up the King is the House of Lords, did not have the desired results. The conspiracy would have passed into history as “the conspiracy of powders”.

Guy Fawkes Night, draws its inspiration from this event, and from the main protagonist of the conspiracy. Every night of November 5, all of England celebrates what is also called Bonfire Night, or, Night of the Bonfires. An incredible ceremony, in which bonfires and pyrotechnic fireworks are the absolute protagonists, illuminating the skies of the country until late at night.

In the town of Lewes, close Brighton, perhaps the most particular and incredible ceremony takes place. Ceremony which, among other things, is inspired by another historical event. In 1555, in fact, 17 Protestant martyrs were put to the stake in the main square of the town. In remembrance of that circumstance, incredible bonfires are organized in which effigies of prime ministers, presidents or terrorists are burned. At one time, the images depicting the Pope ended up in the pyre!

Guy Fawkes Night

Photo ©, Shane Global

During Guy Fawkes Night, you will see locals parading in extravagant medieval outfits. Fires, songs and dances until late in the evening. You will admire flaming crosses. And of course, fireworks and bonfires. There is no lack, as in many other towns, when the puppet of the main protagonist of the Powder Conjure is burned in the fire, that is, Guy Fawkes. A truly incredible show.
Guy Fawkes Night, although some consider it a macabre ceremony, is an inevitable party. A unique event to have fun and be all in the company. One of the many bizarre parties in the world, absolutely not to be missed.



The small town of Lewes, just south of London, is just over 20 minutes by car and 15 by train from Brighton. The capital is well connected with the whole world, thanks to the presence of the airports of Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted.

From the London Capital, Southern trains connect the town of East Sussex in just one hour. Trains leave from Victoria Station; a one-way ticket costs £27.00.


The relative proximity to London, allows you to have a wide choice in finding accommodation. Who wants to sleep in the city, or in the surrounding areas, keep in mind the poor supply and, above all, the difficult to find facilities near the event.

Through this link, you can find the available structures in Lewes at the best possible price. In any case, our advice is to opt for London. More info from this link.


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