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Corfu Carnival, from February 20 to March 02 2022. Program events

Corfu Carnival

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WHERE: from February 20 to March 02 2022
WHEN: Corfu, Greece.

Corfu is an island of a thousand colors and countless traditions. Many approach it exclusively to the sea and beaches, but a holiday away from the hottest periods can give you unexpected satisfaction.
This is the case of the Corfu Carnival, an event that boasts ancient origins. Initially it was dedicated to the cult of Bacchus, the God of Wine. It was, however, after the period of Venetian domination that it took on the current connotations of a popular masked festival.

Today, the Corfu Carnival is a colorful event that invades all the main centers and villages of the island. Festive processions, traditional masks and characters of the local tradition await you. You can admire beautiful costumes and clothes characteristic of the present and the past.
Obviously, as a good popular event, there will be lots of music, singing and dancing on the streets of the cities. Especially in the capital.
And, of course, the most succulent and delicious dishes of tradition.

An extraordinary moment of aggregation that shows all the warmth of the islanders. Their extraordinary welcome. But also their extraordinary satire, as in the case of the “Petegoletsia”, an ancient rite that lives on today in the streets of Corfu.
Or as in the mask of the Muzeta, an unrecognizable character who, during the Sunday carnival procession, enjoys making fun of people without showing any mercy.

The billboard is full of events, rituals and celebrations, starting from the first Sunday of the carnival. Or even earlier. Because, the preparations in these parts begin a couple of months in advance.

Corfu Carnival



The event touches the main towns and villages of the city. Kerkyra (Corfu Town), the capital, is of course the real symbol, as well as the most frequented place, being the most central, and the easiest to reach.
If you are driving, we recommend heading north to Episkepsi, about an hour’s drive from Corfu Town. In Klimatia, a small village not far from Episkepsi, and Kritika, at the exact opposite, in the southernmost part of the island, an interesting ritual awaits you on the Sunday before Carnival.


Here are the events not to be missed during the Kerkyra Carnival, the capital of the island:

  • Sunday 20 February: rehearsal of parade of allegorical floats
  • Thursday 24 February: on the streets of the historic center you can admire the “Petegoletsia”, an ancient rite. Outside on the balconies of the houses, the women gossip among themselves (hence the name). The subject of their chatter will be political figures, public people, and even… the neighbors’ laundry! All recited in the traditional Corfiot language, sometimes satirical, embarrassing and bordering on the vulgar.
    All accompanied by music and popular songs.
  • Sunday 27 February: “Sir Carnival” parade. You can admire masks and costumed characters parading through the city center. Sir Carnival closes the procession, a puppet who personifies all the evils and misfortunes of the past year, whose fate is already sealed: the stake! Songs and dances will follow to celebrate.
  • Tuesday 02 March: Mardi Gras parade, with music, dances and songs.


The Corfu Carnival is an event that invades the whole island.
The hinterland is full of events and rituals worthy of attention. To admire if you have more time available during your visit to the island.
If you want to attend an … unusual wedding, on Sunday 27 February 2022, take a trip to Klimatia or Kritika. The Carnival Wedding awaits you, in the presence of a couple and a demon. Throughout the festival the villagers make fun and joke using foul language.

North of Kerkyra, an hour’s drive away, the main square of Episkepsi hosts the traditional “Priests’ Dance“, a ritual that dates back to as far back as 500 BC. It is a dance without music in which the rhythm is offered gradually by the participants, in a truly suggestive crescendo.

*All contents are purely indicative. Before participating in the event, check the official website. The schedules and the program can be modified in accordance with the current regulations on COVID-19 in Greece. We also remind you to ask in advance about the mandatory nature of the Green Pass.


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