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Go to Greece. Climate and best time for a vacation in Greece

Go to Greece

The climatic conditions are one of the factors that most affect when you are preparing to organize a holiday. Here we will try to provide useful information on when to go to Greece.

A very popular destination for its beautiful islands and seaside resorts, Greece is ideal since May, the month when temperatures around 24 degrees are recorded, especially in the Dodecanese islands; while September can reserve days of intense heat, especially in the Cyclades islands. June, July and August, are the hottest months, with average temperatures of 30 degrees in the insular part, and peaks above the 35 degrees in Athens: just the Capital, thanks to the position, the smog and the mass cementification of the last decades boasts, in summer, one of the highest temperatures in all of Europe!

Winters are not rigid: January, usually, reserves a few more days of rainfall. Last mention concerns the Meltémi. Do not go insane, especially in summer, when the heat, in the highlands in the Aegean, is angry.

When to go in Greece

Through our κ index, we provide an evaluation for every single month. In this way, you can evaluate the best time when going to Greece.


January κκ
February κκ
March κκκκ
April κκκκκ
May κκκκκκ
June κκκκ
July κκ
August κκ
September κκκκκ
October κκ
November κκ
December κκ


January κ
February κκ
March κκ
April κκ
May κκκκ
June κκκκκ
July κκκκκ
August κκκκκ
September κκκκκ
October κκ
November κκ
December κ


July, in our opinion, is the best month. Ideal temperatures for spending your holidays between sea, beach and sun. In the early morning, or late in the afternoon, you can dedicate yourself to visit the sights, monuments and attractions of the places. Compared to August, prices are lower and, above all, you will find less chaos.


In general, the winter months are the less attractive for tourists. We do not recommend December and January.

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