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Saint Andrew Day 2023, 30th November. National holiday Scotland

Saint Andrew Day

WHERE: all of Scotland
WHEN: 30 November 2023

Every year on November 30th, Saint Andrew Day is celebrated throughout Scotland, which has been dedicated to the country’s patron saint for over 1000 years.

There are so many symbols and legends that bind the Saint to Scotland. The presence of a city named after him (St. Andrews) and, above all, the Saltire, one of the oldest flags in the world, with the diagonal cross on a blue background. An element inextricably linked to the Saint who decides to be crucified on a diagonal cross because he believed he was not worthy to die on a similar to that of Jesus.

Today, November 30th is a national holiday across the country. Most workers have the right to a day off and many events are scheduled throughout the country: shows, concerts, exhibitions, historical attractions, food markets, the inevitable… ceilidh. The latter represents one of the greatest expressions of Scottish and British tradition and folklore. A combination of beautiful and engaging dance and folk music.

Saint Andrew Day also officially marks the start of winter festivals in Scotland: from the Saltire Festival, at the end of November, to the celebrations dedicated to Robert Burns (January 25). Passing, of course, through the unmissable Hogmanay.

Saint Andrew Day in Scotland



Edinburgh. Glasgow. East Lothian… It is celebrated all over the country. And, with dances, music, food and drinks, Saint Andrew Day represents a grand celebration of Scottish culture that has its roots in the Christian tradition.

On November 30th, in Edinburgh, you can enjoy performances with storytellers and music and the traditional Ceilidh in local numbers. Many food markets offer drinks, delicacies, confectionery and handicrafts.
Also in Glasgow there is no shortage of shows and gastronomic events scattered throughout the city.

Throughout East Lothian, November 30 is the highlight of the Saltire festival celebrations, an event that is celebrated in the last week of the month, including theater, music, screenings and readings.


November 30th is a national holiday in Scotland. For this reason, many museums and monuments offer free admission. In this way, you will have the opportunity to visit some of Scotland’s most beautiful museums, monuments and abbeys.
Generally, Historic Environment Scotland publishes the list of participating facilities on its official website. Among these should also be the impressive Edinburgh Castle. It is mandatory to book online well in advance.


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