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Glasgow. How to arrive by train, car, bus. Connections, distances


Welcome to Scotland’s largest city.
A weekend in Glasgow? No thanks.
Many, up until a few decades ago, have done everything to stay away from this city, preferring it, of course, the beautiful Edinburgh.
For a long time mistreated, in recent times the Scottish city has been able to revive its fortunes, discovering an unexpected tourist vocation.

In addition to beautiful architecture, cultural vivacity, hospitality, shopping streets and nightlife are particularly noteworthy.
Less fascinating than the Capital, but certainly with many strengths. Even in ease of access.



The plane is the best solution to quickly reach the Scottish city. The international airport is located just 15 km from the center, and is well connected, with direct flights, with the main European destinations. From the airport, by bus, you can easily reach the center in less than 20 minutes. Cars and taxis are more expensive solutions.
The most economical solution is the 757 bus, operated by McGill, which allows you to reach the nearby train station Paisley Gilmour Street;from the latter, by train, you arrive at your destination. In this case, the total cost is 3.80£, against the 8.5 pounds for the Express Bus.


Prestwick airports and Edinburgh, are two alternative solutions, located, respectively, at 50 and around 60km from the Scottish city.
Prestwick airport is served mainly by low-cost airlines. Rather convenient is the fact that the airport has its own train station, from where trains to Glasgow leave every half hour.

Also from Edinburgh airport there is no shortage of connections to Glasgow. In this case, you can use modern buses Citylink, activate 24 hours on 24. The service allows to reach the main station of Buchanan, in the center. The journey takes about an hour. Tickets cost £13.00 per adult, and £6.10 per child.


In the city there are two main railway stations. The Central Station is the reference point for connections from England and the South of Scotland. Every day, there are several trains that connect the city with the capital, with journey times from 50 to 120 minutes, depending on the train used. ScotRail, CrossCountry e Virgin Trains East Coast are the companies that operate within the country.
Virgin Trains, guarantees over 10 fast daily connections with London, with a journey of just over 4 hours and 30′. Tickets, depending on the period, range from a minimum of 23 to a maximum of 65£.

The station is managed by Network Rail and is located in the center, not far from the George Square Park and from the Gallery of Modern Art.
The train, in our opinion, is a valid solution for medium-range distances, within the United Kingdom. Otherwise, the aircraft is preferable.


In the city, as in the UK, you will need to get familiar with left-hand drive. Easier than you think!
Getting to Glasgow by car may take a long time, especially from non-British destinations. A road trip must be tackled with plenty of time at the destination; and, above all, a little reserve of money, wanting to face the crossing of the Channel tunnel!

From Manchester, the Scottish city is just over 3 hours by car, for a total of 350 km, while, the distance from London is around 660km.
From Paris, instead, you need to cover a distance of almost 1100 km!


Megabus, Citylink e National Express they guarantee frequent connections with Edinburgh and numerous British destinations. Guaranteed connections even with some Eastern European destinations, however, with incredibly long times.

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