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Lyon Festival of Lights, fro 05 to 08 December 2019. Info, guide

Lyon Festival of Lights 2023

WHERE: Lyon, France
WHEN: 05 – 08 December 2019

The Fête Des Lumiéres, is the ceremony par excellence of Lyon and probably one of the most important in France. It is no coincidence that, every year, it welcomes more than 4 millions of visitors. Tourists, curious, or simple enthusiasts can discover a truly magical city.

Because the beauties of this city go far beyond the only one Lyon Festival of Lights. The metropolis, second largest in France only in Paris and Marseilles, has very little to envy to the same Ville Lumiére.

A truly unique and beautiful city, which the Fête manages to exalt in a truly magical atmosphere. For 4 days, Lyon becomes a sort of open-air museum.

The Lyon Festival of Lights is an event that dates back to 8 1852 December. That year a great ceremony was organized, complete with a band and fireworks, to inaugurate the new statue in honor of the Virgin Mary, protector of the city since 1643. Due to a violent storm the ceremony was canceled. The Lyons, however, did not let themselves be beaten down. So, they all decided to light the lights in front of their homes, as a sign of devotion. Imagine the spectacle of the city … by candlelight. In the late afternoon they went down the streets of Lyon, singing and dancing to the cry of “Vive Marie”.

Today, candles have been replaced by fantastic and modern plays of light. An incredible lighting system. A truly unique and wonderful visual show. Four thematic routes and a total of 36 installations will transform Lyon into a truly glittering city. You will be spoiled for choice.

Lyon Festival of Lights Fete des Lumieres



An itinerary that develops for about 2.8 kilometers, starting from Esplanade Saint Pothin, and Jardin André Malraux. Here, the first of 8 installations awaits you. Among other things, we cross the Collège Jean Moulin and the splendid Saint-Jean Cathedral. The tour closes at the Palais de Bondy with Les Fabuloscopes.

Travel time of the tour, about 90 minutes.


A path of just 1.6km, which develops mainly in a straight line, starting from Cours des Moraiges. You can admire romantic installations, up to the Grand Hotel Dieu, which houses an installation inspired by Star Wars.

Travel time is about 2 hours.


The longest and most challenging route through the main points of interest in the city. In total, you will find 14 installations, in a distance of about 3.4km. Allow 3 or 4 hours for the complete tour. Spotlight on the Place Bellecour, Theater des Celestins, Place des Jacobins, Place des Terraux. Closing at the Hôtel de Ville.


A tour that represents a real escape to reach the splendid Parque de la Téte d’Or, in the 6th Arrondissement. It starts from Berges du Rhône, up to the park, for a total of 1.6 kilometers. Travel time is approximately one hour.

Photo, 2008 Gonedelyon


The luminous installations of the Lyon Festival of Lights are all really beautiful and suggestive. In total, for the 2019 edition, there will be 36 works, hosted practically everywhere, even the airport. The installations are visible Thursday and Sunday, from 7pm to 11pm; Friday and Saturday, from 8pm to midnight.

On the splendid Fourvière hill, Les Cueilleurs de Nuages represents the adventurous journey of a family of giants. Lights, colors and music will transform the hill into a poetic sky.

Genesis, is the spectacle, poetic and fascinating, which will illuminate one of the symbolic places of the city: the Saint-Jean Cathedral.

For the more romantic, Lumignons du Coeur returns in the evocative setting of Place de la Republique. You will experience charm and magic, among beautiful works in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Les Amours En Cage, is a path inspired by the northern winds that meet the south winds. The route is located along Rue de la République and Rue du President Carnot.

THÉÂTR’EAUX, in the heart of the Hotel de Ville, takes its cue from the mystery of Atlantis to take the visitor towards a contemplative immersion! Games of light, and color, at the train station, and at the international airport, with Daydreams and Transhumance.


Given the size of the city, choosing accommodation could be quite difficult. The offer is really vast. Consider also that during the period of the Lyon Festival of Lights, prices tend to increase even beyond 20%. Keep in mind that we are still in the Christmas period.

The area, undoubtedly, most fascinating is that of the district of Vieux-Lyon. A truly old-fashioned atmosphere, between Renaissance buildings and splendid squares; Place des Terraux, with its numerous monuments, is its emblem. Prices obviously rise; however, here you will be at the center of everything, well served, and full of bars for your nightlife. Take a look at this link to search for your ideal accommodation. The top of Kanoa.

Lyon, in any case, is served by an efficient integrated transport system. If the prices for the more central areas such as Vieux-Lyon, Croix-Rousse or Presqu’île are too expensive, you will find accommodation near the metro station. In this way, you will be able to run smoothly around the city. Find the list of all the facilities from here.

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