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Lyon Transport Tickets. Prices and passes for bus, metro, tram. Info

Lyon Transport Tickets

Thanks to the unified fare system, you can choose to use any means, using the same TCL tickets. Lyon transport tickets are valid for all metros, buses, and trams, with the exception of the Rhonexpres and the Funiculars.

The TICKET À L’UNITÉ is ideal for those who want to move around Lyon occasionally. It is a ticket valid for a journey lasting one hour, from the moment of validation. It costs 1.90€ in the single version, and 19.50€ in the Carnet version of 10. You can buy it on board the bus, at the price of €2.50 per person. For longer journeys, you can buy the TICKET 2 HEURES, at a cost of €3.60, which allows you to make a trip for a duration of 2 hours from the validation.

The day tickets, on the other hand, are an excellent solution for those wishing to move around Lyon, by public transport, in complete tranquility. They are available in denominations of 24, 48 and 72 hours, at the price, respectively, of €6.70, €12.90 and €17.50 per person. By purchasing the day ticket, you can make unlimited travel on all vehicles, for the chosen duration. Please note that the validity time is effective and begins at the time of validation with the first use. This means that if you buy a 24 hour ticket, making your first trip at 6pm, the ticket will be valid until 5:59 pm the next day!

The FUNICULAIRE TICKET is a ticket valid only for funiculars. It allows you to make a return trip on the same day. It costs €3.60 per person.

Lyon Transport Tickets

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If you are traveling as a couple and as a family with your children, you MUST ABSOLUTELY buy the Ticket Famille 1 Jour. Thanks to this special ticket, ALL FAMILIES can travel with just one ticket for a full day of their choice from Monday to Sunday, on all means. It costs 6.70€ in total !!!. The savings are evident.

During special days, such as the renowned Fête des Lumiéres and de la Musique, the so-called TICKET EN FÊTE are available. These are special coupons, sold at a cost of €3.60, which allow you to make unlimited trips for one day, after 16:00, until the end of the year. The SOIRÉE TICKET has the same characteristics and costs as the previous one; allows you to move at any time, for a single day, after 19:00 until the end of the exercise. You can then go out, have dinner, spend an evening at the cinema or on a disco, using the same 3.60€ ticket.


There are no reductions on public transport in Lyon. Only children up to 4 years old travel free accompanied by a paying adult.


Tickets, unless otherwise indicated, can be purchased in all automatic machines and at points of sale and agencies displaying the TCL brand. Remember to validate your ticket every time you change lines, with the sole exception of the metro lines. With the CITY CARD, on the other hand, you will have the convenience of a single card to visit the city, and have unlimited access to transport. Available in sizes from 1 to 4 days, with prices starting from 29€.

*all information contained herein, including timetables and prices, is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered official. All names and trademarks herein belong to their respective owners.

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