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Krampus 2023 Munich. Traditional parade and race 10 December

Krampus Munich

WHERE: Munich, Germany
WHEN: 10 December 2023

Have your children been good this year? Better for them, because, if not, they could make the acquaintance of the Krampus.

Well, don’t let them be terrified of it!

They are the diabolical and disturbing helpers of St. Nikolaus, who parade next to the benevolent Saint during the Christmas season. Their passage is always followed by the sound of cowbells and chains. Their faces are covered with creepy and devilish masks. The clothes are dirty and filthy. The Krampus roam the streets of the city, to scold bad and disobedient children, while St. Nicholas tends to “turn a blind eye”.

The show represents a truly incredible moment. A sort of Carnival in the middle of December. It has very ancient origins, which date back over 500 years. Generally, the traditional parades take place in some areas of Italy (Tyrol), Austria, Bavaria and Southern Germany.

In these parts more than a parade it is used to define it Krampuslauf, that is, the race of the Krampus. Although it is not a real race, you will witness a procession with almost 400 participants. And the expectation, this year, grows enormously after the forced break of the last two years, due to the pandemic.

Krampus Parade



The Krampuslauf takes place on Sunday 10 December, at 3:00 pm sharp in Marienplatz, the central Monegasque square, home to the Chirstkindlemarkt, the most famous Christmas market in the city.

Thanks to its central location, Marienplatz can be easily reached on foot and by the main public transport in the city. With the U3, U6 lines of the U-Bahn, and the S1, S2, S3, S4, S6 lines of the S-Bahn, get off at the stop of the same name.

Through this link, all the information to move around Munich and the cost of tickets.


The event, as mentioned, has ancient origins, dating back to the sixteenth century and to the so-called “Klabaufs”. At the time, there were several riots by some pupils and school teachers of the Frauenkirche and St. Peter’s, who wore particular disguises.

Today the costumes have become extremely particular and elaborate, costing several thousand euros, and weighing over 10kg!
Today, the Krampus parade in Munich is undoubtedly a kind of event within the event, not to be missed, during the period of Advent and Christmas in Munich. A truly incredible parade that, however frightening, attracts both adults and children.


From Marienplatz, over 25 accredited groups will move around the pedestrian area. Among these, the historic Sprifankeln-Pass group which since 2004 has been organizing the traditional Christmas market in Munich.

In total, around 400 participants with as many masks will parade at the Krampuslauf.

The event is free and open to all… as long as you don’t get scared!


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