Getting Around Munich by metro, s-bahn, tram, bus, bikes. Info, tickets

Getting Around Munich

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Metro, suburban railway, tram and bus, connect in a capillary way, center, periphery and neighboring communes. Thanks to the efficient integrated system (Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund, MVV), getting around Munich by public transport is rather simple, quick and intuitive.

You can easily explore on foot, instead, the beautiful city center.

The center of Munich is quite small, and can easily be explored on foot. Instead, to visit the most external areas, use public transport, which cover the region in a capillary way, allowing quick and easy movements.



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The metro line U-Bahn, was inaugurated in the 1971. Highly efficient, it consists of 6 lines, 100 stations and a total of over 100 km. Each line is identified by the letter U and a progressive number from 1 to 6.

The metro is connected to the suburban S-Bahn railway. Of the 6 metropolitan lines, the only U6 goes beyond the borders of Munich, arriving in Garching.

The frequency of the races is impressive, comparable to the Big Capitals. At peak times, the wait between one train and the next is even just two minutes! In the evening, however, the frequency stands still, around the 10 minutes.

The service is guaranteed for virtually all 24 hours. During the week, the meter is closed exclusively by 01:00 at 04:00; on the weekends, it closes only two hours, from 02:00 to 04:00. You will thus be able to quietly revel even during the night, without the worry of being subject to the timetables of public transport.


The S-Bahn it is the railway service that connects Munich and the whole region. It guarantees ttimi connections between Monaco and the neighboring cities. The network extends for almost 150 kilometers, and a total of 8 suburban railway lines.

The S1 and S8 lines allow you to reach Franz Josef Strauss International Airport. Seven of the eight lines also operate nightly on Friday and Saturday nights.


The tram network is particularly extensive and thanks to it you can move around Munich, enjoying some interesting sights. Despite being less busy than the U-Bahn, it is an excellent alternative; mainly because it is rarely used by the Bavarians, who prefer to travel by metro.

Thanks to the recent modernization of the vehicles, numerous trams can also be used by the disabled. In fact, numerous low-floor vehicles have been introduced.

The network, managed by MGV, is composed of well 13 lines, and falls within the integrated circuit Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund, MVV. Thanks to the presence of the four night lines (N16, N19, N20 and N27), the service is active for almost 24 hours on 24. In addition, night service is always guaranteed by low-floor trams and can therefore also be used by disabled people or by parents with a stroller.

Getting Around Munich


The road network is also highly efficient. Modern and comfortable buses, and several low-floor vehicles. The service is active from early morning until midnight. After the 00:30, night service is active, every day, from Monday to Sunday.


If like the Germans, you are lovers of the green line, what better way to move around Munich, if not by bike? Monaco is really perfect to be explored on two wheels.

In this case you can use the excellent Call-A-Bike service, managed by the Deutsche Bahn (national railway service). You can travel comfortably without the hassle of schedules, in complete autonomy. The service is really intuitive and easy to use. Just use your smartphone. Info on the official website, through this link.

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