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Getting around Nijmegen, the greenest city in Europe, by bus, bike, car

Getting around Nijmegen

Nijmegen is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Especially in terms of the environment and sustainability.
Eco-friendly bikes and buses are the best options for getting around Nijmegen.


With a fairly small and concentrated center, moving on foot is quite simple and rewarding.
Major points of interest, including some beautiful parks, are within easy reach. The station can also be easily reached on foot.


Getting around Nijmegen

Photo ©, Daniël Bleumkin

The “green” soul of the city is also evident from the offer of public transport. Most of the means.
Bring is the transport company that manages the entire public transport system in the Arnhem Nijmegen Region, for a total of 18 municipalities.
The service is particularly efficient in the municipalities of Arnhem and Nijmegen.
In the latter case, the company offers widespread connections throughout the urban network.
It will be possible to move around Nijmegen aboard ecological buses.
The fleet consists of 69 urban and regional Citara buses, and 6 articulated buses used for line 10 for the Heijendaal district.


The best and zero-emission solution for getting around Nijmegen. The city is truly perfect to be explored on two wheels.
If that wasn’t enough, Nijmegen is also perfectly connected with Arnhem by the RijnWalpaad, a long cycle path that you can travel through fascinating landscapes.

In Nijmegen you will find numerous bike rental agencies. Among these is Ovelo, which you can find at Bisschop Hamerstraat 19.
The bikes are modern and comfortable and the rates are always clear and transparent.
For sporadic use, you can opt for the rate without a subscription: you pay €1.90 for unlocking and €0.70 every 30 minutes. The maximum rate is €12.50 for the whole day.
The monthly subscription requires the payment of €19.90. However, you will not pay any unlocking fees, 4 hours of free travel, 10ct for 30 minutes.


Getting around Nijmegen by car is a completely discarded option. The reasons are due to the heavy traffic, especially during rush hour and along the “Keizer Karelplein” roundabout, and to the high cost of parking.

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